Saves to another profile?

Just a random question here, I play on xbox one and currently got my real life friend to play with me (only took 7 years to talk him into it). Well he made a hunter and really liked him, we did the whole 2 playthroughs and dlc’s. And now he’s wantin to play a siren, but doesnt want to go through the whole grind again. I have more level 69 sirens than i would like to bring up lol, but my question is can i transfer one of my characters to his profile? I dont know how it would be possible, but i figured i would ask.

Not legitimately, no.

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I couldnt come up with anyway in my head that it would work, figured i would see if anyone had any secrets.

While it may seem tedious playing through the whole game again, playing as Lilith is an absolutely blast, and it WILL go much faster than playing as Mordecai. Plus your friend will get a better sense of how her skills work.

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I agree completely, and thats what I told him as well. We’ll see if he comes around.

Get him kitted out with a merc com and a variety of smgs and he’ll be all over the game.
Plus Lilith is the easiest to beat Craw with.