Saving issues (Steam PC)

So i have had this problem for a while now that makes Borderlands 2 unplayable and i would very much like to play it.

The game will not save at all, what i mean by this is that i see the save icon appear, when it should and everything is fine and well, but when i exit the game and come back playing, i always come back in the same location, with the same level, gear, and active quest, so after that one spot the game just wont save my progress.

I think this has to do with my system (since thats the only thing that has changed in my system) I upgraded into Windows 10 from Windows 7 about a year ago and my progress hasn’t been saved ever since.

Heres what i have tried so far:
-Starting a new game, i wouldn’t mind that at all if i would get my saves to work, but starting a new game still wont save progress, every time i quit the game, the new character is there but i start at the very beginning, no matter how far i got.

-Re installing the game.
-Turning Steam cloud synchronization on and off
-Verifying integrity of Steams local cache
-Running the game as administrator straight from the local files folder.
-Checking if the save folder is read only.

Obviously i wont be playing the game at all before i can find a solution for this, any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Check to see if this is the cause of the issue:

I think there’s a fix in another thread somewhere, but @Adabiviak or @Gulfwulf might also have a clue on this?

I haven’t had that issue myself, but I would start barking up this tree first. Off the cuff, that poster’s Steam installation doesn’t seem “normal” (typically it’ll be sitting in Program Files (x86)). If this is throwing the game off the scent of the normal folder for save files, that could be the issue?

Though I can’t see the odd folder name the other poster mentions, look for your save game files in your install folder somewhere. My install folder, for example, is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32. If you see a “My Games” folder anywhere in there, with the save game files therein, this is probably the issue. Not that I have a fix for that, but let’s start there (although backing up your game files, reinstalling Steam, and restoring your game files will probably work).

Is your Steam program installed in Program Files or somewhere else?

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Don´t think so, my saves are still at Documents\my games, i don´t have a BL folder at steamapps, not even a hidden folder.

Yes, Steam itself is installed in Program files, but since that is a smaller SSD disc, all my game data is on a different hard drive, and it has been like that back in the days when Bordelands did save my progress. My Borderland saves are currently at User\Documents\myGames\BL2\WillowGames\SaveData, atlest i think thats where they are.

That should be fine (I actually have mixed game data files: BL2 is on my SSD, where the others are on a different drive).

Can you confirm that’s where they are? As in, do you see a profile.bin and at least one Save0001.sav file in there? Is the date on those as recent as the last time you played?

Yeah thats where they are, i have multiple sav files and a profile.bin file there, but the data (according to >properties > last edited) is from November 2016, and the last time i tried to play the game was 2 weeks ago.

Presumably the game is saving them elsewhere (or using a different directory).

First, I’d back those save game files up: they probably have your old game progress, and it’d be a shame to lose that.

Try looking for those save games elsewhere. I’d open Windows Explorer (one drive at a time) and search for profile.bin. Some other games use that file name, so you may get false positives (Hard Reset and Doom, for example), but the search results should have a ‘date modified’ column, which you can use to identify the newest one (which should have been updated by the game during your last attempt to play).

Here’s my search as an example. You can see the most recent profile.bin from yesterday, which is my current save game folder. Some of these are backups, some from other games, etc. See what you get.

I searched through all three of my hard drives, and the only .bin files i found were borderlands 2 and Dooms, both on the same disc at \documents\mygames

Before we get onto something more draconian (unless someone else has an idea), check to make sure those folders aren’t read only? I hate reinstalling software for a fix because it doesn’t always work, and it’s a bit of a hassle.

Okay, heres a new one, the folder that contains all the .bin files has read only tacked on. I turned that off, applied the changes, but as soon as i go back into properties of the folder, the read only option is back on…

That’ll certainly do it, though what’s got those folders locked down as Read Only is a different ball game. Are you logged in as an administrator or a different user?

My account is the only account on the PC, so administrator.

And the .sav files themselves are not read only.

I think it’s the folder (or parent folders) who are preventing this with that setting. Read-only attributes in Windows are… weird. I think you need to take ownership of that folder.

Yeah, i´m doing some googling and trying to figure that out.

It could be an entry higher up the chain that makes a folder and all it’s sub-folders read-only, which is why the lock got reapplied.

Also, thanks for chiming in on this one - my Windows-Fu is nowhere near as good as yours!

Thanks for the help! Thanks to you i at least have a good idea as to what i need to do to possibly fix this, now i just need the time to do it!

I just had the same problem with the folder becoming read only. Turns out my virus protection was locking it (thought it was ransomeware). I just had to put the program in the safelist and then everything worked again.

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…weird that the virus scanner pegged that folder for lockdown. May I ask what antivirus software you use?

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