Saving issues (Steam PC)

Thanks for posting that info. If you don’t mind my asking, which antivirus program was doing this? It would probably help others having similar problems to know that.

The antivirus I use is Bitdefender. It detected that borderlands2.exe was trying modify the config and save files on my C: and thought it was ransomeware. Bitdefender then made the folder read only so that it could not be modified (and marked borderlands2.exe ‘blocked’. What tipped me off is that every time I changed the save folder to read/write, it immediately changed back to read only. I usually see that for files that are quarantined. I checked the blocked files in Bitdefender and borderlands2.exe was blocked. I moved it to the safe files and Borderlands 2 was working fine again.

I was able to duplicated this problem on my friends machine who also uses Bitdefender, it solved the problem as well.


OK, thanks for the clarification. It wouldn’t surprise me if more such problems cropped up with the increasing threat of ransomware and the like. At least there’s a record on the forums we can point folks to now, though.

After confirming my files with Steam it downloaded a 624 megabyte thing. AGAIN.
Is that thing gonna delete himself occasionally ?

Two-year old necro is still a necro…