Saving side-quests for Mayhem mode

I made a post, just yesterday, voicing several of my concerns about TVHM and the new Mayhem mode. But now, every time I boot up the game, I’m conflicted on wether I should leave ALL side-quests till the end-game or do them all along with the story.
After careful consideration, I’ve decided to do most of the side-quests along with the story, while leaving a select few, for the end game, which brings me to my big question.

Which specific mission rewards are worth saving, and which Vault Hunter would they work best with?
Also, which mission rewards are worth saving in general, if their rewards work for everyone?

re ran the entire lot on TVHM, you know the only thing I’ve found is still holding its own and then some in M4, not a reward , but the Skeksil in fire and Shock on flak with either rak + the 50% bonuses to damage on nade and shield after actions skill or fadeaway

that lil pistol is such an easy farm now its not bugged, on any level M1 if you like, its a dedicated drop so its not affected by level and it rocks, only up close does the linoge beat it

You can always reset your campaign.

There’s really not a good reason to do any side quests during the story. I’m doing a new character and I buzzed through normal without doing any side quests and was still level 33 when I got done. Now I’m going through tvhm also without side quests. I’m going to save them all for M4. Perhaps I can get a few rewards with anointments. The right anointment can make a weapon good.

What I do when starting a new char is do NVHM, skip side quests. Once finished, run through rest of side quests on M1. By the time I finish them I am about 41-44 and go kill graveward a few times and BAM 50. Then run M4 on TVHM and hope for best quest rewards.

save side quests for Mayhem mode, if I know it won’t matter, i’ll do it, like any of the “discover” or repeatable missions that don’t have significant rewards or anything beyond money, otherwise if there is a gun or whatever up for grabs from the mission, I save it for when I can actually get it at lvl 50. so Buff film Buff has no item reward so I’d just get it over with for example.

if it’s down to what legendary gear you can pull from side quests “it’s alive (guaranteed Transformer, which is the most popular shield in the game ATM), life of the party (Amazing Grace works well with Crit heavy Fl4k) , and sellout (low lvl Sellout and Amara with an elemental projector artifact have been combined, but a higher lvl Sellout is still decent and you have the convenient taunting of Tyreen in your own hands)” all have legendary gear rewards.outside that, a lot of people like Pa’s Rifle (Crit Fl4k again, also it’s electric Jakobs which is beneficial for nearly every class, has a fixed melee attachment and being elemental works well with Amara), so “the homestead pt 3” and “raiders of the lost rock” if you want to catch one of BL3’s first game breakers the porcelain pipebomb, which after patching is still a solid piece of gear.

as far as saving for Mayhem mode, don’t finish off Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts before lvl capping, that is the one and only way to get the legendary rifle Bekah atm (I personally recommend ignoring the Phoenix in the Splinterlands, Phoenix Tear artifact is pointless after getting some guardian ranks under your belt in Survivor tree, and I’ve gotten all my deathless artifacts from Graveward so I doubt the phoenix is even a good hunt to farm anyway). Claptrap part gathering gets you a Baby Maker ++, which is a world drop anyway, so don’t worry about holding off on him, and then Zer0’s Targets of opportunity rewards you with a Lyuda sniper rifle (I personally recommend ignoring Judge Hightower in Lectra City, if you want to farm other Targets for drops), which is a world drop but is also very hard to come by, so holding off on finishing off on those is a good idea.

I play nothing but M4 and have yet to do any side missions. There will come a time when this game begins to fade as it did with BL2 and I want something fun to do when that time comes. May sound a bit nutty but just my twisted 2 cents.