Saving system completely broken

Alright, I think I completely broke the game. Let me start at the beginning: I downloaded the Enhanced Version and installed it, fired it up for the first time and played through it for an hour, quit the game and turned off my PC. The next day I wanted to pick up where I left, only to have to go through the EULA/TOS again, as if I had never launched the game before. My character was gone too. As it turns out, the game somehow was unable to create a save of my character. I did some research on Steam, but the only thing I was able to find was somebody claiming that adding “-nohomedir” to your Steam launch options would fix this. Which it did, in a way. The character still exists, but it doesn’t save any progress after getting off the bus. I’m at a loss as to what could still be done. Playing on Windows 10 BTW.

A more likely thing to check would be (1) whether the save folder is excluded from any AV and antimalware software (2) whether it’s where the game thinks it is and (3) whether or not you’re running the game as admin. All three of those things have been known to prevent save files from updating.

There’s quite a few threads both here and in the BL2 equivalent sections on this topic if you need a bit more detail on how to check this stuff.

I tried running the program as administrator, but it didn’t change anything. I only have Windows Defender and I exempted both the folder the game is located in, as well as the game exe. file as well. I’m actually not too sure where my saves are located (my PC is a mess and due for a fresh install) though. Und what name does the folder usually run?

Should be inside your Documents > My Games folder iirc? It’s not really my area of expertise. Should be some threads about it though…

Edit: This post has a couple of links addressing the same issue with Borderlands 2:

Thanks. I’ve made a pretty weird discovery. The save game format seems to be screwed up. I checked my SaveData folder, and it had a profile file, and a savefile. However this save file was in a really weird format, being an SPSS file (a save format used for SPSS, a statstics programm). I got rid of SPSS, but it still kept creating the save file in an SPSS format. Had a hitch and decided to remove the -nohomedir command from the launch options and delete the existing files. Now, there are no more files to be found in the SaveData folder, so I am all the way back to the beginning of my problem. The game seems to either be unable to create the files, or shoves it to some place I don’t know.

Maybe @Poisonedbite or @Jefe could shed a bit more light on this, but it’s possible that the game save files use a file extension that just happens to be the same as the SPSS one? (.sav or .dat?) I think there should also be a way to check where the installer located the saves folder. This really isn’t my area though!

yes, an spss save file is .sav, which is correct. you should have a a single profile.bin and a save001.sav, save002.sav, etc, per character in documents/my games.


Alright, I seemingly managed to fix it: Not sure how, I just installed the game to a different directory, added the whole -nohomereg thing, found the saves folder and exempted it. On a sidenote, was the ability to pick up weapons when you’re already carrying too many removed, or is my game just being weird?

You can’t overload your backpack, if that’s what you mean. Unless you’re thinking of the BL2 thing where a pickup with a full backpack causes the item to replace your current weapon? I don’t remember BL1 doing that (could be wrong though…)

You were able to, at least from what i could recall (been a few years since I last played the original). You’d just keep raking in quest rewards, and if there was a gun you wanted to pick up you’d just select an undesirable one from your backpack, put it in your hands and then switch it with the gun you wanted.

yes, if you get a quest reward, it’ll overstuff your backpack. also yes, you can hold E to drop the weapon in hand to take the new gun.