Saving to hard drive

So I’m playing my 360 game on Xbox One. Wanted to create some mules but it seems that there’s no way to save 360 emulations to the hard drive? Is this correct? Because if so by implication there is no way to create a mule for split screen play, since it won’t let me play two cloud saves simultaneously, either.

Can anyone confirm?

Saves on XB1 are on both hard drive and cloud, but well-hidden. Regardless, you wouldn’t be able to make use of them since you can’t play split-screen with yourself - you would need a second account on the XB1 with it’s own set of saves. That was the case on 360 as well: a mule had to be on a separate gamer tag in order to be brought into the game in split-screen.

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Ah, Ok, so that would effectively make Claptrap’s Secret Stash redundant for mules, then?

I used to make mules by copying a character and saving to a different storage device, so I’d always use the stash to move loot around. But I guess i misunderstood how everyone else was doing it!

but I can’t do even that now, as I can’t seem to get the game to recognise that the XB1 has a hard drive! Is there something I need to do?

You could try plugging in an external drive? That’s about it.

And yes, my mules are mostly extra characters on the same GT that transfer gear through the stash. I also had a bunch on a second profile on 360 (no XBL) that I could bring in split-screen, making quest farming and gear transfer more efficient. Since that account doesn’t have XBL though, I can’t transfer the saves to XB1 and use them there as well. (You can do family sharing of XBL on the XB1, but it doesn’t apply back to the same accounts on 360 :frowning: )

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OK, thanks. So if I understand you right, XB1 will recognise an external HD, but not it’s own internal one (for Borderlands, at least)? Weird doesn’t begin to describe that!

It recognizes it, but the saves are bundled and hard to get at. If you highlight the game and hit the menu button, then choose “Manage” you’ll get an overview of how much local storage your saves take. Your only options though are to delete locally, or delete locally and from cloud. As I said, MS changed the way game saves work so that cloud sync is always on by default; at the same time, though, they’ve made it pretty much impossible to make your own backups on external storage devices.

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Appreciate the explanation. Bit of a bummer, though, as it also means I can’t transfer my Sal from my 360 as I don’t have gold anymore (I share my son’s Xbox and use his). So I guess I’ll have to keep using my 360 after all!

Keep your eyes open for a sale or free weekend trial promotion on XBL. You can buy fairly short subscriptions from the store, too.

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yeah, will have to, thanks. I’m a bit tight to want to spend money on just porting a save over!