Savior of the Universe trophy, finally

After over a year of playing Battleborn, hiatus and all due to other games being picked up, I’ve finally earned the final PSN trophy and…I gotta be honest here, it was underwhelming. Rather than experiencing triumph, I experienced relief in the way one does when having to take a p*ss after sitting in a movie theatre for two hours not wanting to miss any bits of the film they’re watching. I love this game and am glad it was the reason I bought a PS4 to begin with but, wow. What a ride. Good times, bad times, it’s been fun. I won’t say goodbye but…here’s to Borderlands 3 being the next big thing, and hopefully, Almighty Robot Policeman willing, Battleborn 2.


I know what you mean. I was grinding so hard for that and, when I got it, I was like, “well, now what?”

PC Steam’d user here.

What. An. Adventure!!

Holy cow!! 18 months! 2 PS+ subscriptions. I never play online or coop, except for this game. Got 3 of my friends to come along the ride (one has the platinum too). So many games, so many hours (well, not that many compared to others), but 200h is far more than any other games I play.