Saw I can buy from 4k not epic but?

If I buy it through 2k and not epic do I still need to use epic software to play it? I will not pander to exclusivity coming to pc its the whole reason I dropped consoles. Don’t like steam cool I buy straight from publishers also I got a ubisoft, ea, and bethesda launchers. But I will not play on epic since they started bringing that console garbage to pc.

I guess you mean 2K and yes, you will still need the Epic launcher - 2K is retailing Epic download codes for the game. If you truly don’t want to play on Epic, you’ll need to either wait for Steam (some time in March 2020) or switch to console.


thank you I will put this game on back burner. might get another ps4 since I got games and its getting death stranding so it might be worth it to also play bl3