Saw the dlc footage. Reminded me of eden6 meets shadowwarrior/vid inside 📺

Basically oriental backdrop of the original shadow warrior game cold asian, Mountainy and eden 6’s dinosaur assets are reused. Not like we saw much of em anyways.
I guess we’re turning those dinosaurs into bikes?

Narrator sounds awesome though.

This dudes video was the first i saw on the feed fresh n fast.


And just seen Dpj’s on the feed.

the map is nice

The map looks nice.
I do wish they would have shown it at a higher level player and with some Mayhem enabled. In the games current state, those weapons would not be working as well as they showed and Iron Bear would definitely not be getting kills like was shown.
And the vehicle? Forget it…


the vehicle is weird xD

Im. Feeling positive about the game provided mayhems fixes roll out so maybe me and the wife can play dlc3 on m10 very hard mode with less immersion killing modifiers

My only stink ima say is… Thry.made such huff n puffs bout not reusing.bl2 assests

Why reuse.eden 6 dino assets though. Isnt this supposed to be a frresh planet?

Morgan Freeman should of been the Narrator

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Actually I kind of like the vehicle design.
What I meant was dishing out damage and killing the beasts like it did in the video.
In the game’s current state it would be tickling those creatures as vehicles do not do well in higher MH levels.

I just pray we don’t get another class mod like the trainer again for Fl4k.

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yea, they are playing on normal level 40 to show how fun the gameplay is, rofl xD

I know that probably nobody cares, but did I miss any explanation about why Eden-6 saurians are on Gehenna?

I dont wanna be negative but i was hoping for originality also. I mean sir hammerlocks bl3 did it. Guess they got lazy.

Hell they coulda brought bl2 sir hammerlocks hunt monsters back n i woulda been happy.

Lets hope its not all eden6dinosaurs and resued monsters.


In the original Borderlands Show about Bounty of Blood, they DID show a new creature variety: I didn’t catch the name, but they look like crystal-deers with a couple of long tendrils.


I don’t want to watch the video but is the first one simply called Sirens because they’re playing with multiple Amara’s or are there really new Sirens in this DLC?