Saw the Season Pass Today and I am Beginning to Regret my Purchase

EDIT: The below was a misinterpretation of the steam store page, I still hope it is altered to better inform customers. The characters do not require you to pay to receive them and can be unlocked through play in game.

I really am not happy about seeing the DLC already locking away characters. I feel like the only chance this game has, is if it is well balanced and competitive and you aren’t going to get that by locking characters away.

I am truly looking forward to your game, I have already paid for it even, but making us pay for more characters on top of 60 dollars thinks it will drive people away. I wouldn’t even mind paying 20 for dlc characters if it weren’t for the fact that I think it will hemorrhage players who are not going to want to spend 80 dollars to play. On top of that, lets be honest, if this becomes a big hit and is sustainable, 6 months down the line we would see more characters to buy. This is not a very good model for a game that you already paid for. You are blurring the lines between full game and micro transactions with the DLC. Sure many other games have done it, and many other games have it set up so that when you play with friends you would get dropped out of the game if it went to something you had and they didn’t. Not a fun experience.

Last but not least, I feel like the game has so little hype right now and that worries me. It also worries me that there is so much talk about the PvE. Unless it is going to be somehow mandatory to the PvP, it is unlikely that many players will ever look at it. This is no longer the realm of Borderlands and the marketing doesn’t seem to realize.

Evolve. Another dead game that wanted you to pay for extra DLCs. A game that was all but dead after a week. At least I got 91 hours in, during the beta for my 100 dollars…


You know, additional characters are free.
Season pass/DLCs are new skins and PvE content.


Directly from the season pass.

You really should read the details. The season pass has nothing to do with the 5 characters they’re giving to us for free. It’s all campaign and skins/taunts

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Apologies for not following a twitter, but if all I have to go by is there steam store, it very much appears they are selling the characters through DLC. Maybe if this is not the case, they should alter their About This Content.

Because literally word for word

The Steam ad sure makes it sound like the five characters are bundled with the DLC.

Yeah man. You’re reading it slightly wrong. Go to my article posted earlier about Alani the new character. It explains it all from gbx.

Tldr: the 5 characters are free. You still have to unlock them through a challenge which doesn’t require the dlc.

Here’s the season pass info.

Also, I might be reading it wrong, but nowhere do I see written that you have to pay for additional characters in the screenshots you took.

I am not reading it wrong, I know the english language. If anything, they are poorly communicating their DLC. Hopefully they change it. I guarantee you people will see that and they will lose customers. Guarantee. Especially considering my buddy messaged me this morning to alert me to this and his intent not to purchase. I hadn’t even noticed that there was a season pass before he messaged me.


Sounds more like you dont need to do their assigned challenges, rather than paying money for them, when you have the season pass.

Well, seeing as I have no idea what their assigned challenges are, I read that as pay to unlock. My information on this game prior to this morning was purely from the steam store and the technical test.

It wasn’t an attack on your reading skills do don’t take it that way please. Now how you interpreted the description is wrong. As mentioned in previous posts the characters are free and you have to unlock them as with all the other characters. The dlc seems to allow you to bypass this requirement. And I would agree this would be a good idea to change said description of the season pass since it is causing misleading information.

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You might also want to let your friends know about this so he doesn’t have a heart attack. Even if he gets the game with it the dlc he can still get the characters. Most of the time it’s like complete this mission, get to level X, or kill Y things X many times. And from what is being shown on the twitch streams, there’s two ways to obtain said character in game.

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You are paying to unlock the characters right away when they are released. The game launches with 7 characters unlocked, by playing the game and leveling up your personal rank or by completing specific challenges for specific characters do you unlock the other 18.

Sounds like the other 5 will be the same way: Obtain Rank 60 or kill 1000 players characters to unlock Character number 27.

Buy buying the season pass, you do not have to unlock the characters, they will automatically come unlocked for you when they are available.

If people actually researched, Gearbox stated last week their intent when it comes to DLC.

Everything that could affect the Balance of PVP will be free content for everybody such as maps, characters, modes, etc.

Anything cosmetic or content added to PVE will cost money, whether it be in-game currency or real cash.

If you are up to date with Gearbox’s announcements, the way they worded it would make sense. If you are not up to date with Gearbox’s announcements, the way you and your friend perceived it is understandable.

I feel like the majority of people don’t follow announcements. To believe so would stagger my imagination. It would be like saying everyone who intends to buy or play a game uses said games forums. They should take this into account when they make statements. The actual store page itself is probably their most vital outlet of information.

For blizzard it is their launcher. Hence the Overwatch ads when you are looking at Starcraft.

I hope they change their store pages wording.

A little rewording could help prevent misunderstandings such as this. It’s probably a good idea to take care of that right away in order to prevent confusion that may prevent people from getting any of the DLC or Season Pass.

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The text highlighted was a bit ambiguous. It could be interpreted either way. A little rewording for clarity would solve the problem.

“Plus instantly unlock 5 new free heroes when they release (thus bypassing their in-game unlock requirements), and gain awesome new skins and taunts along the way.”

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@JoeKGBX: this is something you guys may want to look into because the wording is pretty ambiguous.

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Definitely ambiguous - if this is the main “storefront” for this game where most of the public will be going to check the game out, Gearbox may want to link to the articles mentioned here, or spell it out better? Regardless of who’s at fault, Gearbox will be the only losers here if people misinterpret the page and skip a purchase.