Sawtooth Cauldron LLM farming - with added fun

As there are still people who don’t know about this, I thought i’d make a video today showing this cool farming method that is great as part of any loot run.

EDIT: This was never meant to be a speed farming video, but part of loot runs mixing in other areas for Tubbies etc. To speed farm, you need to open all the boxes, kill yourself before the SAVE POINT on the slope up - or carry on round to the top - then travel out and back. Repeat process. Obviously the enemy will come back every 20mins or so.

It’s been known for some time, but still people don’t know.

Basically, you go into Sawtooth, kill everything in the main crater, open EVERY loot box possible, go out to any other area - Tubby runs etc - then go back to Sawtooth. The LLM’s respawn and are now free to roam around and greet you with open arms (and the odd bullet)…

Good for co-op, and continuous farming runs. And Mr Torgue would say…


Happy hunting, and may the force be with you.

Note: This is a Siren Binder setup I like using for fast and furious slaughter :slight_smile: Few points out of place, but it’s fun.


My favorite legendary farming location. :slight_smile:

I can practically switch off and relax amidst it all.

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After seeing your posts in the item finds thread I was on YouTube and found that video right away. Good stuff!

Many thanks :smile:

I wish i’d made it specifically about speed farming them, but unfortunately I was kind of doing a Siren build run at the same time. But I was also hoping a lot of newer people would find it interesting.

I’m currently running some long term stats on Sawtooth, solo and will do co-op. Will post the results in the other thread about LLM’s. When I hit OP8 tonight or tomorrow I will start do some OP8 stuff too as i’ll need to gear up…again…

I hit OP7 with maya last night. Working on farming a new bee and antagonist now to hit the peak again and unlock OP8. I will probably start a new playthrough at that point also. Did a few runs in sawtooth prior to peak last night and it worked really well. Got about 5-6 LLMs in two run thrus (should have given more time before returning I think). No drops only relics. Looking for a blood with smg ammo inc. I’ve probably sold a bunch already but think it’d be helpful in the peak. I’ve been using a blue relic that increases ammo cap on smgs and snipers the last 2 OPs and they make ammo a non issue using sandhawks and pimpernels exclusively.

Ye @IdlePhantom used an ammo relic, whilst I just went full Leg Siren cooldown with BotA. Having the phaselock ready quick is so essential for tactical and co-op play. I like sitting at the back keeping an eye on things, then hit hard with the Pimpernel and Sandhawk.

As for Sawtooth, in the 50 runs I noted, I only had 12 drops and 3 were level 72 drops from 90 LLM’s. That’s really bad :cry:

We had some better drops whilst co-op, and have now upgraded all our BotA pretty high. But I’d really like a Butcher and Tunguska. One day…

I’ve got a practicable butcher n/e and a Tunguska both at 72 proudly showcased in the bank as I have out leveled them now.
I have always used a bone and switched elements accordingly but since realizing that I could make it thru the peak without life tap and putting 5/5 in quicken instead and also that most enemies are mostly immune to elements in the peak, I could combat my running out of ammo so often with the ammo relic. I’m still using level 72 NE flying sandhawk and pimps and tho they are potent bee amp delivery systems I’m using a lot more ammo to compensate. And I really don’t notice the cool down difference using quicken and the leg siren as opposed to the Bon and leg siren. I’m sure there’s a ceiling there for cool down.