Say hello to my little frien'

Holy Crap…


Duke Nuke em with it :grinning:

Yeah. 4.8 reload is an issue for some, Moze players in particular are going to have a field day.

5 seconds of free ammo on exiting IB is at least 11 shots before considering how to put ammo back into the clip, Overkill damage is going to be stupid OP as you eliminate multiple trash enemies in a single explosion and you can do that every 10 or so seconds with the right setup.

Amara players linking damage while Fisting enemies are gunna 1-shot some pretty tough enemies to boot and gain stupid OP Overkill damage as well.

everyone will be able to use it to generate massive Overkill damage to power the Unforgiven as well and then use it to use up the overkill damage on tough enemies.

It’s gunna get nerfed or it’s going to break the game and have to be balanced around for the remainder of the content unfortunately. Neither outcome is all that enticing and it’s not making me want to buy the DLC any more than I already don’t.

Of course if they DON’T nerf it then it might be a sign that things are looking up and it might become worth sticking around and buying the DLC.

I guess time will tell.

OK. Nukem’s for ■■■■■■■…