Say it with me now: Bullet. Sponges. Are. Not. Fun

This Guardian Takedown…Good lord…

Tested M10 and everything felt (more or less) great…I could finally kill fast and use the weapons I loved…

THEN I start the Guardian takedown and I’m doing next to NO damage…What the F***?? Bullet Sponges do NOT increase difficulty, they make mobbing, bossing, and farming extremely tedious…Nor do they challenge or change the way you play!

LOL why do we keep going through this?? Or is this one of those times where we have to wait for Gearbox to buff gear to make TD more possible…man I’m sick of this :mask:


what? it is great mate are not you using like monarch sandhawk recursion ase and catpure launch pad?

like if you are not why would not you be doing it , it is the most fun thing in the game man using like 99.9999% of gear in game is lame just use these and toss in plaguebearer in the mix with reflux and occasional wagon wheel it just wrecks


Yea ur right…F*** gun variety, fun difficulty mechanics, balanced enemies…who needs em?


Lol even the weapons they nerfed I still used when I tried this patch because they were still more effective than anything buffed.



Lmfao…i just rocket launcher the game away and i have a pewpew.

I hate the lack of variety in weapons choice.

I dont like for effective time ppl GOTTA use ase to kill.

But personally i do like spongey

Its the target dummys at sanctuary everyone always wanted


Op i believe ur right save for bosses and a few badasses. But not every last pos mob should be super sponge.

Everytime i suggest varying it up having more mobs in general some weirdo comes outta nowwhere and acts like everyine in the game uses a brainstormer reflux and recursion and theyre op.

Theyre not. A reflux is just ok damage without minmaxing it to death then anoints make it good.

But what’s then solution? Wheres the balance?

I guess they should have a easier mode button like takedown does now.


There is no balance when over 90% of weapons suck. Sure there are other viable weapons if you run infinite ammo build.


Trust me i dont wanna run catpurse lunchpod

I like build.freedom but they aint even ironing out ppls trees yet.


That is literally what they said this patch would do. (Or start at least)


Another poorly planned and executed event and tone deaf changes from the devs from a studio whose checked out working on their PS5 launch title. I’m. Just. Shocked.

I’m m10 god tier Fl4k and this new takedown is just garbage. Bullet sponges are a crutch for developers that no longer care about the IP. That’s why studios that give a damn have mechanics in their games and not trillion health mobs on the way to a boss fight.

Also anyone noticed how GBX tried to rip on Bungie with the look and feel of the takedown? It’s pretty much a vault of glass rip off from destiny. As if GBX could ever have a billion dollar IP like bungie lol.


BL3 bullet sponges? Angry! I’M SO GOD DAMN ANGRY! Not a good idea…NOT A GOOD IDEA! Hate…HATE! HATE!!! HAATE!!! HAAAAATE!!!

BL2 Goliaths?
WELCOME TO DIE! (Bitch). Satisfy me! Hugs time!



First hand footage of me after playing takedown…


I do run a infinite ammo style build and not just the nerf’d weapons all smg’s on M10 now suck


y’all remember when the Maliwan takedown launched, and it wouldn’t scale down to 1-3 players? Then they changed it later? Remember?

I’d bet a PC copy of Destiny that they aren’t scaling down the new takedown for 1-3 players, and that’s all this is.

And that’d somehow be even worse than it being intentional. And that’s why it’s believable.

MAN I do not envy that stream team, havin’ to smile and stay positive through the mess that has been Borderlands 3.


This made me so sad I finally realized how much more fun the game is at lower mayhem levels lol. im only seeing the Monarch and Sand Hawk have any use in the takedown.


Maaaan I hope they change that…

If it stays as it is, what’s the point of True Takedown vs regular takedown. The average BL3 player just wants to relax and unwind after a long day, not go thru this tedious bullet-sponge fest…but that’s just me


“Gearbox is hiding behind BLM because they aren’t finished with the patch!”

But it’s still not finished? Lmfao


In my experience, bullet sponges, ridiculous adds, and a plethora of one-shot-everybody attacks is the bread and butter of raid content. With a typical side order being one or more required full teams to even participate.


Why are you hostile to begin with? :thinking:

People want to play and succeed at the highest difficulties…just telling someone to “lower the difficulty” is a lazy answer that helps no one.

Part of making a good video game difficulty is the balance between fun and challenging…it’s hard I know…but that fact that most people dislike this new way of playing means that something has to change.


I think his point was warning us that someone is going to try and say this as if it is an actual good point (which it isn’t), not that he himself was saying it.