Say it with me, "Torgue"

People, I would just like to point out, that it’s TORGUE, with a G. It may seem silly, but it’s kind of weird that like, 50% of you spell it torque, with a Q. No excuses, it says on the item card and it’s clearly a G. They even pronounce his name, clearly using a G.

That is all.

I actually prefer to use the alternative title MOTHER F%#^IN EXPLOSIONS!!


That’s a pretty good title too, just hate seeing “Torque”. Bleh. Makes me feel gross just typing it.

I’d put many of the misspellings down to predictive text. Torque is a ‘real’ word, Torgue isn’t.

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Yeah I figured that might be contributing to a few of them. But it happens a little too often to be just that.

It’s been happening for a looooonnnng time. My pet peeve is people who say they “grinded” something in the grinder. That probably isn’t going to change either…

You should have seen @FlamesForAll’s reaction on the old forums when I told him it was Torgue and not Torque. At first he thought I was lying to mess with him, then he looked it up and felt stupid. It was a glorious moment that I thoroughly laughed at.

Now if only I can get him to realize that the flaming spiderant mini-boss in Frostburn Canyon is named Scorch and not Torch

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That WAS super funny!

I still catch and correct myself calling it Torque!

I still firmly believe TORQUE would have been cool, like an over the top macho professional wrestler type guy!

You know, Torque, cars, engines, pistons, all that masculine force!

Pfft. There’s nothing more masculine than this


I really don’t see it often at all

I feel like starting a petition to Gearbox to officially change it to TORQUE, for the machismo / badass factor!

Who’s with me?



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Excellent vid, but that should be “Torqueston” Moore.

The bad pun causes everyone in the building to leave in disgust.



I have a feeling we might be the only two people in the whole thread that like that kind of music

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If not the entire forum!

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Reminds me of the days where people kept misspelling Krieg as ‘Kreig’.
Both misspellings bug the hell out of me.

Kreig , Krieg - my browser’s spell check function marks both of them as incorrect :8ball:

Not so much on these forums, but the one that always makes me smile is rouge for rogue. As in, “I’m playing a rouge this time” or “I got hit by a rouge tank”. Simply fabulous, dahling!

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