Saying farewell to Borderlands 2 on console

I’m having a hard time thinking of BL2 not being in the spotlight anymore. So to speak lol. I understand we can revisit it anytime we would like but c’mon, are we really?! I’ve had so many and i mean many great times so i felt i should publicly send it off. But i wanted to see what everyone still lurking here had to say also. If you have a specific memory, friend you made or just want to express some feelings built up feel free to tell. Well, to Gearbox and this awesome community i want to say thank you for the memories, this magnificent game but i especially look forward to the future in BL3.

P.S. Because of recent post’s i want to express my sympathy to the pc players. I didn’t mean for this post to seem like it was attacking or making fun of them. Until every platform is playing giving feedback this forum will not be the same.


I don’t. For me for the over four years BL2 was in the shadow of TPS. I just hope BL3 will not be a disappointment.


I will admit TPS was good but it was not overshadowing BL2 in no way to me. Heck BL1 was a lot more fun with the dlc’s included. But to each his own, at least you had fun with one of the games. BL3 remains to be seen…


You assume bl3 will be better than the pure masterpiece pre latest dlc bl2 was. But i guess that’s off-topic.

The game lead me to these fourms where i have made many friends


No i’m not.

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Borderlands 2 won’t die in my book anytime soon.


I have a lot of games I’ve ‘ment’ to finish or start- hell, my friends bought me The Witcher 3 when it came out and I STILL haven’t opende it up yet- and even though BL2 will still be in my collection of games I have to admit I rarely go back to play the earlier games in a series, unless I somehow missed the first game to begin with (BL1 in the case of this series, The Bard’s Tale and Wizardry to name a couple of more). I’ve not finished replaying RE4 (XBox One version), Bioshock (again, after a few years and after playing Bioshock 2 & Infinite), ME 1 despite loving ME2 and not playing ME3 at all (even though I have it), DA:O even though it easily lands on my personal top 10 games of all times and well- you get the picture. Once I have BL3 installed I’ll have a lot of fond memories of BL2, and it’s the nearness of BL3’s arrival that’s making it difficult for me to find the motivation to get everyone to OP10 (that and I’m working on a RL project that’s really eating up my spare time…). But yeah- I’ll fire off a grand explosion to make Mr Torgue proud as September 13 draws near and then look towards the future- Moze can’t get here soon enough :wink:


Right now to keep time passing i’m mopping up small personal quest in BL2 but like you BL3 can’t get here quick enough.


Really? Every post I ever read on the BL series, and I have read a lot, have all pretty much hammered on TPS while praising BL2. The day TPS was released I read hundreds of posts about how it didn’t compare to BL2.

Hell, the TPS forums are dead while the BL2 forums are still 20 times more active even after all these years.


TPS got a lot of heat being developed from the sister co. in australia. Which to me it was a good game but didn’t keep my interest like the others.

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Really. For me TPS is better in pretty much every aspect.

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Oh well I have pros and cons on both, I’m just saying it seems like 99.999% prefer BL2.

I love both and still play both.


Don’t worry, there’s every chance that GBX screws up BL3 by adding predatory microtransactions, making it another Pre-Sequel, or not addressing endgame well so people tire of it quickly and go back to BL2…I’m not rooting for these outcomes, I’d love another great Borderlands game, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet…


Personally I hope they add a few hundred skins/heads into the store and then focus on some decent end game bosses. I could care less about cosmetics in the store.

I will say I am already disappointed with BL3 due to the simple fact we will only ever have 4 heroes to pick from. What I REALLY love about BL2 and TPS is that they added a few character to play later. I love trying to characters and builds. I really think only having 4 is going to hurt them more than they realize.

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Additional VHs will be added in Season Pass 2.


There are people on this forum who still treat BL1 as the One True God. Ten years later which in gaming years means it was written by druids.

BL2? I expect I’ll be playing it for years to come.


The quotes and interviews I heard from Randy all said the same thing, Gearbox had no intention of adding more vault hunters down the road, and would instead focus on maybe adding skill trees. Everything from Randy has been straight to the point of “No VH’s later”, and nothing he said mentioned anything about them coming in a season pass 2.

This does not give me any encouragement they will add new VH’s.

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But they will. You can quote me on that.


Definitely no goodbyes, Just see you soon.

30 days to go


Even though BL2 is by far my favourite, I still play BL1 or TPS sometimes, so even if BL3 is much better (which would be incredible) I guess I’ll return to BL2 every now and then.

And then there’s the humour and the villain. For my liking, BL2 is the funniest game I’ve ever played, and Handsome Jack is the best antagonist period. From the BL3 footage I’ve seen so far, this is not going to change. So I’ll revisit the game for that alone.