Saying Goodbye To Borderlands

This is tough to write, but I think my time with the borderlands franchise has come to an end. After well over a thousand hours across the other borderlands titles, Borderlands 3 is in the worst state I’ve seen any of the games in. Every week I look forward to to new updates, patches, or dlc, only to find out everything that they say they have fixed or added just doesn’t work as intended. Im insanely frustrated by it and I know the gearbox devs more likely than not feel the exact same way. Maybe I’ll come back one day, maybe I won’t. But deleting Borderlands 3 off my console feels like a breath of fresh air now that I don’t have to worry about being let down week after week.


If it weren’t for the fact that this is one of the few ways I can stay in contact with my friends during the lockdown, I’d probably leave as well.

I’m taking a month off, as I’ll be out of town, so maybe I’ll fee differently or the game will be…better.

I hope it eventually reaches the state of stability, content, and balance that we all deserve. Maybe you’ll come back then. I’ll save you a seat at Moxxie’s.


Dusted off my lvl 51 Nisha today. Yep, even TPS is preferable atm


I haven’t uninstalled yet, but that’s probably going to be my next step. The results from patch one haven’t given me any confidence. They didn’t come close to doing what they said they were going to do.


I think after being letdown constantly week after week since april 23rd i gotta do the same… Never before have thry had to hotfix the same issue 3 x…

Its not ok… Hotfix same reasons weekly no fixes…

Loots and issue and a devs like.ok only 8 smgs… Well 7 u cant even get cloudkill mayhem and we have videos of all these smgs failing now… Lmao

Borderlands has become a joke.


I said my goodbye a week after the cartel event came out and i’m not looking back .


Lots of my buddies left the game the first few months after release. I was the only one left defending the game saying this could be the best borderlands in the franchise if they handle end game correctly. After the mess that was Mayhem 2.0 and all the subsequent “bug fixes” that have followed, I think I may have been better off leaving when my friends did. Now I just look like the idiot that constantly defended the franchise saying “oh just wait this game with be amazing.” boy was I wrong.


imo not even close to BL2 level.


Because theyre doing this updating like a liver service game i dont see a community patch rolling
Out ever…

There i said it… Unofficial commumity patch saved bl2 for alot of ppl till later they just basically did the same ■■■■… Like sometime after tiny tinas dlc it was all G golden to me. No patch needed.

It was so popular it was in the damn wikis.

Now that theyre fixing their own game regularly its becoming a disaster as something new breaks every hotfix… Lmfao


People say this, then they’re back on next week lol

In all seriousness, just wait til DLC/big patch…enjoy other games until then…take a break…I understand your frustration

If the patch/new content is hot trash, THEN uninstall


Can’t say that I don’t blame you in the least because like yourself this game has become one major disappointment. I lost all hope in them actually fixing the game so it will not crash my XB1X but apparently nerfs, buffs and shiny new objects have priority. Thinking maybe they would fix split screen, you know because they have a show called Couch Co-Op (also the community has been asking for Vertical Splitscreen since release) but needless to say they don’t actually play Couch Co-Op because all of us would tune in to watch that train wreck and see them stumble over their words trying to justify that it is in working condition.


Excellent post. The disappointment has affected me to the point I don’t even want to play games. About to try TLOU to see if I can get back into it tho.


Why don’t they just make anointments drop as seperate loot items like weapon trinkets that you can apply on your weapon of choice. I’m sick and tired of the frickin’ RNG that gets exponentially worse with every new anointment they add. At some point the grind becomes insane. After next week’s level increase everyone can farm their gear again.


At launch besides the lacklustre story and abysmal end game content, I think the core of borderlands 3 outshined borderlands 2 by a ton. So many gameplay elements improved from Borderlands 2 and from an unbiased viewpoint I do genuinely think that if they didn’t butcher this game completely with unnecessary patches and updates cough Mayhem 2.0 cough and continued to add loads of content through a multi year lifecycle, this game could’ve been better than Borderlands 2. This is coming from someone who’s favourite game of all time is Borderlands 2 so I’m being genuine when I say that Borderlands 3 had and still technically has loads of untapped potential. But as the days go by, that potential slowly dwindles as more and more people lose interest in this franchise.


Do you think there’s a point of no return where they can fix everything and people just wouldn’t come back again?


I’ve returned to playing a few days ago,and have been working on builds and testing with friends and back to farming,i’ve seen a few improvements each day,so I’m sticking around for the next patch to see the direction that it takes.Not giving up just yet

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Wait till like a week or two after next patch which drops next week. See if you like what you see. Otherwise come back once the game is complete. lol


I havent played much since mayhem 2.0 came out and in retrospective it wasn’t mayhem that made me stop… It was how they broke gear drops with mayhem. Suddenly playing on mayhem 4 as I was before and nothing was dropping. … I did cistern of slaughter runs and 0 gear dropped. GBx has slowly been changing that (and silently witch is a BS move).

Then I realized that farming gear meant nothing because without the right annointment (which is complete RNG) the guns were lacking in any power beyond the first few mayhems.

I am also a huge fan of playing different builds and trying goofy builds out… however this game and the balance completely deters you from that and makes you feel like you have to play the meta. (Example I play clone and dome Zane… Well all buffs are around hitman and seeing dead and they haven’t done ■■■■ to help my builds even be close to viable… Same with Fl4k pet gamma build).

I have stayed active on forums (very active since I stopped playing) in hopes that GBx will eventually fix the parts of the game that kill the enjoyment. Gear drops are still poor… Farming annoints is total RNG (at least some gear has dedicated sources) … Annointments are too powerful as they make action skills/skill trees and weapons all pointless without the right annointments ,(see post here). And making vault hunters feel different. (When everyone uses the same guns and annoints… what’s the point of different vault hunters… when their skills are used to trigger annoints not change the battlefield).

GBx needs to get back to basics… Shooting enemies . Farming and enjoying new guns… Trying new fun builds…


Yes, I’d say year 2. If there aren’t considerable improvements a year after the last “planned paid content”, then it’s too late.

I’m willing to give them the rest of these DLCs, even though the game is neigh unplayable for me at times, just so they can hit their dues. After that, I expect regular improvements, fixes, balancing, etc. If can’t start doing that after DLC 4, and decide to wait a year, then it’s too late.

That said, one of two things could happen.

  1. They see the sales numbers and DLCs consumption and decide "More of the same, keep the money train a-rollin’, and we have hot garbage for another year.
  2. They see numbers dropping because people are fed up with buggy unbalanced game play that most of the community didn’t ask for, and decide to pull the plug cuz “No one liked it”.

A distant third option is that once the money-chasers leave the devs alone, chasing some other IP, the devs can quietly fix the game. Maybe even sneak in some new content and revive our dying faith. At least until the money-chasers come back and knock them off the map. :rofl:


My passion for this game has burnt out. I know that because I have absolutely no interest in next weeks dlc or major patch at the moment and this is the first time ever that I haven’t felt excitement for something borderlands related. I think at minimum I need a few months or so before I even consider coming back to see where the games at. Even if this next patch is executed flawlessly, which we know will not happen, they’re is still a ton of other issues that need to be tackled before I can have fun playing again.