Saying "X character counters Y" is NOT relevant to balance

I’ve seen that when someone brings up a legitimate balance concern, some people are quick to say “oh its balanced, X character counters Y character/strategy”. This is NOT useful not relevant mainly becausou CANNOT see who the enemy is picking in order to counter pick. So players who think that certain strategies or characters are not OP because they believe it gets countered assuming you have a certain character are dead wrong. You should not NEED a certain character to beat another. Sure there can be BETTER picks, but using counters as balance justifications just leaves teams who don’t have a specific character in them at a complete disadvantage against OP characters who handily outperform most other heroes.

In a game where you can’t counterpick, a character’s balance needs to be based on how it does in general, assuming a variety of matchups. Not only that, NEEDING certain characters leads to them being over emphasized and teams losing variety.