Scalable Maliwan Takedown event

So we get a scalable maliwan takedown for a few weeks. Noelle already said they are not wanting to leave it like that after the event ends. I think this is a bad move. Why not add a difficulty slider for solo players, you can choose before you start the quest which difficulty you want. Starting at 2 man.
More people would be able to enjoy the content.


Should leave it scalable

They just need to admit they were off the mark with making it 4 man requirement.

As player base dwindles it will need to change any way


I think having the option of a sliding scale, if it’s easy to code, is a brilliant idea.


Yeah I’m for having a slider we can set before it starts so we can choose the difficulty to run it on.

But I’m NOT for leaving it as something that scales to a single player if you are a single player and only scales up if you actually have more people in your party; I want to be able to run it at it’s original difficulty (while solo).


Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they were “off the mark”. Plenty of us are very happy with the increased difficulty it provides, and if that difficulty is permanently removed we will be severely disappointed.


I don’t think it is a bad thing personally. I cannot tell you how long I have waited to try and get into a lobby for one and then only to get into a lobby that has 2 other people and wait forever until someone else is fed up with waiting and quits out thus restarting the waiting game again


Totally agree with this.

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hence the difficulty choice… you want 4 man dif for solo, you have the choice. Like i said, do like BL2 and start at 2 man dif for solo.

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That’s just going to be a few weeks of quick farming for some off us, mayhem 4 will feel like mayhem 3.

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good for you then, Im all for difficult content but this is a bit too much, unless you are amara. I mean, anointed gear is already a pain in the ass to farm, not to mention class mods. This whole 4 player only raid just feel like another layer of unecessary difficulty.


100% agree. Boyfriend and I have attempted numerous times to run the raid and are finding it wholly unenjoyable, even as a duo, on most mayhem levels. I’m with those who want a difficulty modifier. That solution is more than acceptable to keep everyone happy!

GB definitely missed the mark with this. I suspect this “limited time event” is a half-baked attempt to placate the audience, but really it just feels like a tease.

It’s the equivalent of asking for a cookie and being offered nothing more than a single lick.

Saying it’s going to be reverted at the end feels cheap and ignorant of the community’s wishes. Why can’t everyone, even us introverted solo/duo players, enjoy the content they spent time making?


exactly this.


I’m thinking that it’s them testing out how it will be recieved, and the claim that it will be reverted is to assure hardcore players that already solo it.

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Here’s my theory and we’ll know within a week after it happens.
If you could solo now it’s farmable, if it was propable now it’s possible, if it was impossible to solo before this probably won’t help but now you can 2 man it.
I may be wrong, who knows.

As it stands there’s no way to tell which was less popular or which way will earn them a higher profit, if any. It’s forum waffle and the truth is we’re probably never going to have access to the stuff we need to know to work it out. In the end Borderlands 3 isn’t a live service game, it lives and dies on it’s campaign DLC so it’s probably not a big deal if they leave it as is even of the hardcore farmers are a minority. GBX can most likely do whatever it wants in relative safety so I don’t imagine it will change much.

That being said, Maliwan Blacksite is kind of a letdown. It’s an incredibly basic “kill this to make the next lot to spawn so you can kill those too” format relatively easily bested by the cheeze the game offers to players.

It’s not ‘difficult’ when played solo, its a ‘cheezy gear check’ just like the later invincibles in Bl2, which was supposed to be something they were getting away from.

That’s the much larger problem.

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The formula for this series has always been single player. The more people you add the more of the game you get.

This event was the reverse of that.


I’m not picking a fight but there is no truth in that statement because the original Borderlands was always presented as a four player co-op game. Here is the original Borderland’s gameplay trailer. Please note that four player co-op is one of the highlights in the trailer. So to say that “the formula for the series has always been single player” is patently false.

All that said, is it likely the case that for most players the game is a single player experience? Probably. But that’s a different issue.

And welcome to the community! :grin:


Rather than scalability I d like to have a simple checkpoint at Wotan so I can try defeating him several times without going through the chore of legion of mobs.

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Just because a game includes a coop mode, that doesn’t mean the game was meant to be a coop game or that single player isn’t the primary focus of the game.

Fact is, Borderlands has always been designed around single player and scales up if more are added. It’s never been designed nor had any significant DLC added beyond a couple of boss fights that were designed around 4 player multiplayer as the baseline for play balancing.

I question the business decisions of a company that does something that actually hurts their core audience in favor of catering to a small group. I rather doubt the majority of Borderlands players play 4 player coop almost exclusively, and not having the Maliwan Takedown scaled so the majority of their audience can enjoy it is a bad business decision.


That’s not an actual fact. It’s a reasonable but unsupported observation/opinion unless and of course you were in the room or privy to the discussions about the game’s design.

Have you ever considered the inverse? Could it be that the game was designed for 4 player co-op but scales down based on party size? My questions aren’t some arbitrary nitpicking BTW. As a software engineer I’ve learned that it’s a lot simpler to scale a system down than to scale it up. And if you think about when the original Borderlands was released in terms of CPU/GPU performance and the memory capacity and bus of consoles, assuming the desire for the game to be co-op capable, it would be logical to design a system for co-op because that tells the designers what the ceiling is given the hardware. Now once they have that understanding it can be scaled it down. So this conjecture that you are presenting, from a systems and technical perspective, lacks substance to me.

I’ll end with this. It’s great to have an opinion and it’s totally legit when that opinion is wrong. The issue I have and the reason I even engaged with @jsrco in the first place is when an opinion is being presented as a fact. @jsrco was gracious enough to acknowledge this when presented with some evidence but you’ve decided to take my quote out of context and argue against it by presenting yet another opinion as fact. So let me end it here.

Here is a snippet from the article below that I hope will bring an end to this. Please note that the bolding is my doing.

Borderlands utilizes a revolutionary weapons system that features over half a million guns. Combine that with rich frontier lore, violent vehicle combat, and gameplay built for co-op from the beginning, and that Diablo-caliber level of addiction doesn’t seem so far out of reach.