Scale boss drop-rates based on previous gear drops using "luck" stat

DISCLAIMER: All values and figures are just estimates. Obviously everything would be subject to changes, and would need specific balancing to ensure the system is fair and useful

Just a suggestion I know a lot of people have gotten behind (and has seen success in other games):

Make drop rates for higher rarity items scale off the number of previous failures and successes.

What does this mean?

Let’s just say Legendaries have a 5% drop rate. You’re farming a boss for their legendary drop, but you keep getting nothing but green gear. With scaling RNG, each time you get that green gear, the drop rate for Epic and Legendary gear (maybe Rare too) increases a little. Maybe after a couple of runs with each boss dropping only white/green, that legendary drop rate might have turned to 10-15%. The longer your streak of bad luck, the higher your odds of getting something good.

After finding Epic/Legendary loot, that drop rate is lowered back down to normal. This keeps an equilibrium between bad luck streaks and lucky breaks, and means that instead of hitting a bad streak and feeling disheartened, you hit a bad streak and know that the longer it goes, the better the chance for something awesome.

I’d suggest the following basic model:

Add a rudimentary ‘luck’ value to each account. This could be a hidden value, but it could just as easily be a visible value you can check on your account. Upon entering a mission, the luck value of each player is averaged out, and the outcome increase or decrease of the luck values would be similarly spread evenly.

  • Finding Comon gear strongly increases your luck
  • Finding Uncommon gear moderately increases your luck
  • Finding Rare gear doesn’t change your luck (maybe)
  • Finding Epic gear strongly decreases your luck
  • Finding Legendary gear very strongly decreases your luck

Luck would work by modifying the drop rates, lowering the drop chance of low tier gear and increasing the drop chance of higher tier gear. For this to work cleanly, Luck would need to only apply to boss-drops or have a separate value for mob drops and crate/rare crate drops.

I’m not going to suggest a formula for how luck would apply to the drop rates, because that will just invite excessive criticism for something that is a suggestion for a new mechanic, not a suggestion for specific values.

If you have suggestions on how the Luck stat could be applied to drop rates, I’d love to hear them. I’ll update the main post if we can work out a solid figure to work with.

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I like this idea. although I do think that the same thing could be accomplished by a simple increase in drop rates, no? something like a 1/10 chance would be fine by me. honestly I would have no problem with the drop rate if the loot pools were not bloated

well, you could just increase drop rates for higher level stuff, but that wouldn’t function the same as this.

The problem with increasing the drops with flat value increases is that it’s all still RNG. There are people that find one legendary a day, there are people who find one a week, and there are people with 300+ hours who haven’t found a single one, all with the same drop rates.

What this system would do is ensure that people who roll repeatedly badly end up getting rewarded reliably. No more 20+ runs without even an epic drop. It would make everyone get epics and legendaries more frequently, but also more predictably.

Being predictable/reliable is the key point here, because a lot of people are being turned away by the struggle for loot just because they haven’t been lucky with their RNG. Even if the drop rates were 1/10 for legendaries, there would be people who just suffer huge chains of bad luck, and nobody deserves that without at least knowing something good is coming soon.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, especially for people who like to go loot hunting.

It’d be cool to have a rolled stat for increased chance of improving the quality of found gear as well as possibly a piece of gear designed specifically for that.
For example: Have a piece of loot called technology/salvage scanner which uses a gear slot so you need to decide if it’s worth sacrificing that dmg or health gear in advance/hardcore for improved loot rolls.

And note, I don’t mean salvage as “find more” of. It’s use here is really intended as “find better”.
Stats for the gear could be:
Increased chance to salvage technology by (roll 5-10%)

Stats for any gear could be:
Increased chance to salvage technology by (roll 2-6%) when health is full
Increased chance to salvage technology by (roll 2-6%) after surviving 180 seconds
etc, etc, etc.

I hate using MF by comparison, but it used to be pretty fun to sack your dps at the chance for better loot with your MF gear.

Could also be separate gear for credits that works just the same.