Scaling in Normal mode

I was wondering about scaling in BL3. In normal mode, are the chapters and bosses within, fixed level?

I ask only because I am getting my rear kicked in the pain and terror chapter as FL4k. Carnivora Gate was mostly 26 to 27 enemies. Once I went through the gate, they jumped to 31 to 32, with the damn robot being 34 (couldn’t get passed him with what I had)

Unlike the video’s, I have a total now of just 4 legendaries for the whole trip, typically doing 80% of each map. So its been either easy or a slog in places, but enjoyable nonetheless. I don’t have the time to farm, but I at least try to fight all bosses and open all red chests in each map.

My question. I still have a couple of side missions I can do on the previous map to help level up a bit, and hopefully something useful comes up at Marcus or the gun store near Crazy Earl. But when I go back, will the enemies also scale up further, or do they stay within a level range?

The second question, who has the best BL3 leveling guide so far out there, map/bosses with their normal level?

Typically each map will have a fixed level range, and will set within that range when you first enter relative to your character level. There can be areas with different levels, and sometimes maps will reset when you hit certain story points, but generally that’s how things have worked in the past.

For your second question: it’s a bit too soon for that yet, especially given that Gearbox is actively making adjustments as they see more game data. Even if someone had such a guide, it probably wouldn’t stay accurate. Plus the DLC content will likely change things up anyway.

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Thanks for the info. Appreciated

Most of the video’s have guys with packs full of legendaries, so they don’t help much other than to show what’s to come. I know most of the guys play for hours to earn the drops, but as a casual player they don’t help other than for great entertainment.

Hopefully when I go back to fight the robot, he hasn’t leveled up as well. When I took on Captain Truant, I was hopelessly unprepared, came back a couple of levels up, but he leveled up as well…

While certain gear items can indeed make each boss fight easier, it mostly comes down to recognizing the different attacks - which are always signalled in some way - and figuring out coping strategies. That and having on-level shields and weapons (legendary or not).

BTW I’m not as far as you and just dinged level 33 because I love taking my time on a first play-through. I’m actually doing pretty well for legendaries; most have dropped either from anointed enemies or from some of the crew challenge assassination targets. So it’s worth exploring a bit, or at least targeting the latter.