Scarlett DLC chests bugged

Having some issues with the DLC chests. It seems that a fair portion of them open yet do not allow you to pick the loot up. Pretty much it shows the chest opening but the inner panels that would display the loot do not come out. This leaves the loot in sight but un-obtainable. This only seems to apply to loot chests as ammo drops work fine.

It kinda hit the peak of annoyingness when I beat the leviathan and entered the big treasure room. Out of all of the chests only 1 loot chest worked. (seriously I dont have to tell you how annoying that is when you think “Yay loads of shiny loot and junk to sell” only to be slapped in the face to see loot you cant grab) Though before I passed this off as a minor annoyance since it happened here and there. (mostly to cash and eridium filled chests) Though now it kinda just ruined the ending a bit for me because the work wasn’t rewarded properly.

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