Scene visible through scope not working

Hello all,

I know this is a minor visual bug, but its a nice bit of polish that used to be present, then one day wasn’t . When holding a scoped weapon, the scene in front of you used to show through the scope, but now it’s just a black surface. On larger scopes, it creates a large black void on the weapon and looks very out of place and is kind of an eyesore.

I’ve check all my video options, including brightness and black levels, I’ve tried both DX11 and DX12 with no luck.

Is the magnification on both those scopes the same?

Don’t think so, but I had to find an image online of the old visual. However, all of the scopes across all guns have the same black-out effect, now, in all locations and lighting conditions that I can visit.

Just had a look on XB1, and it seems that any scope is the way you describe. All sights function as normal. This was an interesting example - an AR with an alternate scoped fire mode. First, standard sight - you can see the light and part of the barrel through the opening:

Then in scoped mode - completely black disk:

On the other hand, the ones with the black scope do show reflections when outside in bright daylight:

Pretty sure the only true scopes you’d see an image through would be the Tediore ‘TV’ scopes, but none of my the weapons on my currently loaded character have those.