Scenes From A Hat

Who here is familiar with the show "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
If not… get out.

We’re gonna play a little game called "Scenes From A Hat."
This is for Ryan, Colin, and whoever the hell else happens to wanna post on this thread.

Here’s how the game works… y’all’ll be presented with a scene from a hat, a suggestion from the other forum contributors that’ll appear in bold text…

…just like this text here.

To make that text… just put a line of subtraction signs on the next line under the text you wanna make big.

Your job’ll be to come up with a joke/short funny quip/scenario for whatever the most recently placed bold text is in the thread.

To avoid posting just suggestions… there must be a minimum of FOUR joke posts before someone selects a new suggestion from the hat.

If people really like your joke/short funny quip/scenario they will give you a like. Remember, likes don’t matter, they’re like the safety recommendations they put in the crate of rockets. I’M A PROFESSIONAL DAMMIT!!! Anyway… got the rules? Yeah? Good. Have fun…


Worst plot twists in Game of Thrones.


[quote=“Benedict_87, post:1, topic:1552867”]got the rules?[/quote]I’m not sure?

…FrankenMountain’s first date?

Count Alberts sister, whom returned after years she was conceived dead, is in truth his mother, which is also the his long lost cousin he secretely loves.

Sorry, don´t watch GoT, its one of these shows I should love but became allergic to it instead…

Neither do I, but I just got the first book for Christmas, and I’ve nearly finished it already. So… (Spoiler tagging it) King Robert’s death. I was starting to think he would hold out at least to the end of the book, maybe into the second, but noooope.

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Jon Snow looks at King Joffrey’s corpse.

JON SNOW: (Seductively, with suggestive eyebrow raise)

OKAY!!! NEW TOPIC!!! ALSO… remember… the response doesn’t have to be somethin’ that actually happened. It’s just a quick joke, or a funny quip or a silly scenario.

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Awkward first dates…


Jon Snow looks at King Joffrey’s corpse.

JON SNOW: (Seductively, with suggestive eyebrow raise)


Indirectly, a double-post; technically, a C&P job. Also, I read that in the manner of George Takei…

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I’m your mother’s brother’s father’s ex-roommate.

That makes us?

Absolutely nothing.

Wanna get married?



Your… nose… is… just… beautiful…

Begins petting your nose gently.

May I sculpt it?

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Your eyes are radiant pools reflecting the stars on a cloudy night.
Your lips are as soft as rose pedals dried and pressed into a book.
Your nose is the very image of perfection and function. Do you mind driving some nails for me?
Your cheeks are rosy and cut through the air with the greatest of ease.
Your hair is corn silk spun by a novice weaver and left out in the sun too long.
Your body is as majestic as a mountain: a small top sitting atop a large base full of steep slopes, craggy valleys, and forests.
Your skin is as smooth as silk spun from a dead caterpillar.

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