Scheduled Downtime for Battleborn Starting Tomorrow, May 23rd

Still down hope they come up soon need my feel of battle for today

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Yes, I also need my Battlefix… I’m experiencing withdrawal.

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Yes, SHIFT was down as part of the whole thing. Is anyone back on yet?

Its been 10 hours here giting bored lol

Any word on the Shift Status Twitter account?

Edit: last post seems to be 3 hours ago?

Is everyone still down

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Crap lol what r they doing

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t annoyed right now, because at this point, it looks like I won’t be playing this week…

It’s up according to me and at least 3 others on ps4


Can confirm; am one of the three. Finally… Hurts so good…

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Are servers still messed up for most? Games keep crashing for me


Damn, how can Tobias get cruelly and mercilessly slain when the Servers are down?

Clearly, you all have not been sacrificing enough Tobies to the Battleborn Server Dieties!

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My theory was that the server “maintenance” was them cutting server costs. It’s been pretty unreliable tonight. Nothing has been working.


I wish there was a content update instead. :frowning:

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It’s loading us into new matches while we’re still loading the results page of the last match. So, yay, quicker matchmaking. However, it would be nice to see the map we are voting for, or the enemy team.

In case y’all don’t have Twitter or a friend who already told ya 'bout this…


They should shut down servers more often so I can get their Apology Magnus Packs (AMP).

Out of the 3 managed to get both ISIC’s AND Deande’s McD’s Magnus Skins.
I didn’t want those, but hey. At least I get to laugh at @Nemosis327 with a bit more gusto now.

That said; servers are absolutely horrendous at the moment. Game summary won’t load at all and you’re shoved into another match without even being able to vote for a map. If you want off the crazy endless ride you better hope somebody quits or you’ll have to be the one to quit out. Queue loops, authentication issues/timeouts galore.