Science and violence door bug

So I was on my 3rd playthrough and I got to the mission science is violence I completed the first 2 scientists thing but when I got to the 3rd one I knocked on the glass he did his thing but the door 2 the keycard won’t open so I need so help so I can continue the story

I just did this last night.

I did not think there was a door that opens until after getting the key card, but I don’t remember what I saw last night. I do all those missions at the same time, and end up running all over that place with them at various phases of completion. I saw the way to that area (also Infinite Loop area), but wasn’t ready to go there yet, as I had other missions I was doing. Not sure when that area opened, or when I knocked on the window for that scientist.

I have heard of folks that could not get him to talk to them … or get the knock to happen.


Anyway a save/quit/restart usually fixes any of these types of glitches for me.

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that mission can bug out often although i never had it bug out there. usually at the teddy bear dude cuz a tork fell thru the floor… my geuss is you didnt kill all of the stalkers. so id try leaving the area and coming back and if that doesnt work. save and quit. other than that find a friend or rando at that mission!

I’ve had the AWOL Tork issue, definitely, but not encountered any issues with missing Stalkers.

me either but if it happens with torks maybe it happened with the stalkers