Scooter coming back? :(

Im sorry, i dont actually know, which part of the discussion i should write this but, Please, could you ressurect scooter? There are so many theories on him and the community misses him. There are new-U systems and no fall damage. Maybe he is on the other side of Pandora and hes stuck there, its Borderlands, CRAZY ■■■■ can happen. You could atleast bring him back as a hologram or a robot with his mind somehow transferred. Maybe his arm got out or he tore it and flew into space where some shuttle found him. He is a hero and I miss him. Please, bring him back :frowning: .


I wouldn’t count him out just yet, you never know. As far as newU stations are concerned, that wouldn’t work. There’s borderlands the game and theres borderlands the story and things exist in the game that are not part of the story. Otherwise Roland wouldn’t have died …etc…

Play Battle for Sanctuary (the new DLC) it explains more on the Scooter story and what happens with the Catch-A-Ride stations

We’ve actually already seen a memorial for him on Sanctuary 3, in one of the demo videos.


Scooter died in tales from the borderlands episode 4

He ain’t coming back

There’s actually quite a bit in the new DLC that only makes sense if you’ve gone through Tales from the Borderlands. If you don’t have it or aren’t interested in playing it, I’d recommend looking for a play-through or recap video.


I’d recommend just playing it. Tftb is a masterpiece. One of the most solidly put together games I’ve played since the last of us.


You can’t play tftb unless you already bought it. The studio went under.

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It is still listed on the XBox Live store for sale. Not sure if that’s true of other platforms or not, and I don’t know what would happen if you actually tried to purchase it - I already have the game, so I wasn’t about to try the ‘purchase’ link.

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His sacrifice means less if he doesn’t die. It’s more impactful to the story and the threat in the story is he and others stay dead. His sister and mother will carry the torch.


I’m sure it was still available on the PS4 store last week whilst I was checking to see if the new dlc had arrived or not.

@Tokesy97 can a moderator step in and either make the subject a question mark or put this in a spoiler section?

I haven’t read the post but the subject seems like a spoiler. Guys the game isn’t even out yet and some of us are trying to be spoiler free.

Changed to a question mark. We don’t actually have a spoilers section in BL3 (yet?) But anyone who’s played TftB and the 5th BL2 DLC already knows what’s going on!

Yes. But him coming back from the dead in BL3 would certainly be a spoiler. As long as it’s at least a question mark that makes me happier. The last thing we want is spoiler filled titles riddling the forum. That would make me abandon the forums until I’ve beat the game.

From what I heard, the VA had to step away from the role for health reasons. While I too miss Scooter, I understand why he had to be retired.


Although it’s true that MIke Neumann did have some serious health issues, I don’t know if that’s actually the full story. Basically, when GBX turned the story over to Telltale Games for TftB, that’s the story they wrote.

I hope they bring him back. I was pissed when I played the DLC and found out they went with TFTB story line. Ellie can die from diabetes for all I care


I was unaware of his passing until the latest DLC. I got the Tales game for free, but the gameplay put me off early in the game. However, I can’t say I’ll miss him. He annoys me more than any other character in Sanctuary, though it might just be due to being the first of the annoyingly unskippable character intros in Sanctuary.

Canonically I don’t think he should come back. There’s already too much input from other characters about his death, and well in TftB you can definitely tell he is dead.

Ellie is a brilliant character, and has a lot of the same energy Scooter did. I’m sure we will have new characters who fill the whole Scooter left.

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I sure hope not. And I am not saying this because I don’t like him (he was alright to me actually). The events set in TFtBL, and the fact that there’s a sidequest dealing with his loss in Fight for Sanctuary is not something the writers can just back out off. It would only seriously undermine things if they did.