Scooter is the last one working on BB

Thinking out loud…

#Makebattleborngreatagain :wink:

From a business standpoint, let’s be honest, Gbox can’t afford to keep many people working on this.

Imagine a back room, that’s where Scooter is, all grimy, cursing away, the last one working on BB.


And I’m sure he has a great strateegerie.


I was wondering about the rumours about an operation to pick flowers for Deande and buy pizza for Orendi… Does Orendi even like pizza? And why doesn’t he do these things himself? Oh well, he’s a great poet, I’m sure Phoebe would appreciate how… Eloquent… His usage of the English language is… :confused:


Scooters wrench

-20% buildables cost
-10% damage reduction

+20% damage against robots based on ops points.

“You’ll never take me alive you robotic sumbitch!”


If Beatrix isn’t perfect I will be catching nothing

“Ohhh, crap, is you Blizzard? I hear all of you are robots an’ eat metal outta the garbage and stuff. Knew you developers would be comin’ fer me once Randy went missin’…”


“Heh, this is one a those moments…”


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I’ve always had a thing for Athena

If she ever quits Vault hunting maybe she would enjoy a nice desk job at Gearbox. Making copies or maybe selling merch?

That’s if Janey Springs would be joining her

Athena (I’m not telling anyone but your secret Lady friend…)

I thought he died in space :x

Naaa, Moxxi still uses him to bury people, in shallow graves.