Scope issues on Xbox

Anyone else having issues seeing through the scope? I have a 55" tv and I am still having issues seeing through 75% of the scopes in the game so far.

Was hoping someone knew of a way to make them a little easier to pinpoint shots through, as it is I can’t really make out any detail through the scope and I am using guns with scopes of 3+ zoom all the way to high zoom snipers.

I think I know what you mean.

I received an amazing Auto-Rifle and the scope is just a little bit pants.

If I understand things right the guns are randomised as they are put together and that results in odd scopes going on some guns.

Will its mainly the fact I simply can’t see mobs through the scopes clearly. BL2 there was no scope I couldn’t use, BL3 I just don’t see things through them well.

Same here on PS4 Pro with 65” tv. It’s like looking through a telescope backwards so far with many. I have an easier time getting crits when I don’t ADS. I figured I need to mess with the settings as I’ve seen folks recommended that.