Scope off in Vertical Split Screenm

Xbox 1-While in Vertical split screen my shots fired are always to the right of the cross hairs. This issue is especially bad when sniping! The issue is solved only when I play in single player, or horizontal screen mode. I prefer to play split screen in the vertical mode. Any fixes to this issue?

Having same issue only I’m on PS4 as Aurelia. I’m not sure how many people are having this issue. I’m going to check in The Handsome Collection section of the forums to see if anyone else has posted about this issue.

I was looking around as well, seems to be a common issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!

Yeah, that’s what it seems.
Me too!

Also having the issue on PS4.

When using the scope with any weapon, the crosshair is way to the left (for the left player) or to the right (for player 2) compared to where the actual shot is fired. It’s really obvious when using the ghostbuster-style laser weaponry.

All seems fine when shooting from the hip, this is only when scoping for me.

Thankfully this is just about bearable for my gladiator/lawbringer co-op team, but I can see this being a real issue when it comes to sniping.

I am having the same issue. I submitted a report to Gearbox. I have included a screenshot to demonstrate the problem.

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I’ve personally noticed that weapons with iron sights are NOT offset, any weapon with a scope or holosight is offset. Like the game incorrectly draws the holosight image off-center.

Thought i would update you all and let you know that gearbox got back to me and and are working to resolve the issue, unfortunately no time frame was given.