Scope zoom # on item card?

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they eventually add the scope zoom numbers back onto the cards in BL2? So why did they leave them off again for TPS? Nothing worse that buying what looks to be an awesome new sniper rifle and finding out you can barely see across the gap in Concordia with it!

i was always wondering as well.

I too, am wondering this.

Check the info graphics and learn how the different scopes look. Inspect a gun before buying, learn how a hyperion scope looks. Those have the largest zoom.

Are you telling me they made the scopes’ zoom vary by manufacturer now?!? I find this also ridiculous, really who thought this was a good idea??

Thanks for the info, it should help!

I think so. The Farmington’s edge has a unique scope which offers a unusually high magnification.

The Jakobs Seraph from Hammerlock’s Hunt has a unique zoom level aswell from my knowledge.

Actually I’m apparently an idiot, all the diff manufacturer’s parts have diff stats so why wouldn’t the scopes?

I think Fremington’s Edge has the best zoom in TPS.

There used to be a way to change the text size on the cards by editing a .int file to fit all the intended text, but they fixed that iirc. I can’t remember which one it was but I used to do that back when zoom info wasn’t showing up on the cards.

Its not like BL1’s scopes had diffirent zoom levels on a single scope. Well, 2 or 3 items aside. So I don’t see why diffirent manufactures scopes shouldn’t have the same treatment.

Yep, I realized that after I posted and made the post 2 up when I did.