Scoped weapon glitch

I’m having an issue when playing online and using a scoped weapon.

Whenever I exit a vehicle and try to zoom with a scoped weapon the crosshairs just disappear, all the other HUD are normal but there is no dot or crosshairs to help with the aiming. It does the zoom animation and It zooms my view in but that’s it. It also gets rid of the hip fire crosshairs so there is no way to aim. This is across all weapons with scopes.

I’ve only played pre-sequel as Aurelia so far so I’m not sure if it’s unique to her, it’s only when I play online. My Bro an I play together and he is always the host so that might be something to do with it, he has never had this problem.

Sometimes it fixes itself after I move to another area but not always. The only way I have found is to quit the game then re-join which fixes it until I use a vehicle again.

I know there are a few action skills that are affected badly by exiting a vehicle, so it sounds like Aurelia has such a bug as well. You could test this by respeccing at a quick change station, leaving the skill points unassigned, and then getting in/out of a vehicle. If no glitch happens, start adding the points back in until you find the one that triggers the problem.

I have the same problem, crosshair disapears. I just don’t know when. Me and my buddy we are just doing the missions. At some point the crosshair is gone. So far i could not get it back unless I quiet the game and re-boot from my last save.