Scorcher and Countess clinginess

As not much of pet person, I find Scorcher and Countess to be quite clingy. They are always in the way. No matter whether you are standing around, in front of a box or machine, or looking at loot. The Jabber seems a bit more independent and less likely to be hanging out directly in front of you. One seems to require much more attention than the other.

I wish there was a way to turn down the cling and let them roam, but not too far – after all I need healing–all the time!

Scorcher has been with me since square one. I love my little fire bug. I give her a pat on the rump after every fight because she literally runs up to me after every encounter.

It’s endearing, and it kind of makes sense. They don’t have noticeable eyes and presumably base everything of of chemical sense and touch. So the spiderant needing contact to base proximity to you the player makes sense.

Moreover she also gets into it sometimes and loses track of me entirely.

I just look at her as a blind little cuddle bug.

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