Scorching Strikes Nerf (kinda)

Since the Ambra Scorching Strikes fix or nerf, however it is, there is a pro and con that presents itself. Ambra is an offensive healer, that can focus more on close quarters offense or healing depending on her helix choices (that’s a given), and with her scorching strikes, it was actually dangerous to get too close to her with the risk of taking a bladed staff to the head for a huge amount of damage. With the fix to the strikes now dealing damage than was intended, Ambra players will now need to think a bit more critically on keeping their distance and making sure they aren’t caught if they wish to finish someone off with Scorching Strikes. I find that using the knockback helix from Solar Winds, or even the staff knockback slam helix can feel slightly more viable if you want to keep your distance, as going in with using Solar Winds (even with the increased damage from helix options, sometimes, maybe) might hurt Ambra more than her enemies if she can’t get the hits off well enough. Still really good at minion wave clearing, but just something to think about. Oh right, the pro about this fix, is that the Scorching Strike meter is spent much less than before, but that’s probably due to the damage distribution being set at its proper, more intended level.

To note, I haven’t used a max Solar Winds build before (yet), I usually stick to a sunspot build, while getting the staff health steal helix talents (Meaning I haven’t chosen the sunspot reinforcement helix yet. It’s probably amazing, though.)

I’ve also noticed that her beam initial lock on range seems to be shorter. Like I’m 99% sure it got shortened, but maybe I’m just going crazy. I don’t understand why she keeps getting all these nerfs, compared to Miko/Reyna/Alani it feels like Ambra is a broken air conditioner now instead of a flame mage.

Noticed that Ambra seems to be sorta moving away from high damage and just being a support in terms of her roles when I started playing the update yesterday, yeah.