Score Bubbles need rework

By and large I like the little score bubbles as it’s a fun thing to just run around like mad and pick up as many as you can.

But I’ve played around 40 missions solo and have noticed that the score bubbles have a tremendous impact on my final score and my ability to get above a bronze medal.

As the OP has stated, and showed very clearly in the above post, how well you do seems to only be half the battle, and that shouldn’t be the case.

As long as the current medal requirements are in place, I would prefer that the bonus score balls be a bonus to your score and not a huge factoring element.

Also, I would prefer it if the Devs made speed running more of a possibility in regards to your final score. I’m all for getting the large chests while on a run, but having to go into every nook and cranny of the level every time can get tiresome. I mean, there are times when I have no use for a cooldown/overshield/speed/health orb, and taking a minute out of my run to head in a direction I don’t need to go, to open up chests that have nothing for me can get wearisome when you’ve done the level many times.

I enjoy the Story Campaign quite a bit. But there are some things which hamper replayability…and being forced to have to go open up everything is one of them. I’d prefer it if completion time had a much, much higher bonus impact to your score to accommodate those who want to get through the level quickly. And, as the OP has mentioned, it would be great if the score bubbles didn’t factor in so highly as well.


Yeah, it’s really unfair that fast-running melee hero naturally gets more points than any ranged hero just because it’s much easier for him to pick up bonuses. Why should anybody be penalized for his character favours? This also attributes to those “time to become factor” requests. Some heroes have more damage and some have less because of their design, not a player’s skill.

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I agree that they should:

  • Last longer
  • Not fall off the effing map

I don’t think they need to be permanent, but they disappear way to fast. AND they “disappear” before they’re really gone. If you know where they are, you have about another 1.5 seconds to grab them. That’s dumb. just make them blink and then disappear for real, instead of shrinking into oblivion.

i aggre because yellow ballz are annoin to just FOCUS THE…thing to get them all

I also tend to be frozen by the boss or stuck in an attack animation (Like Toby’s ULT) when the balls drop. Then I rush around and only get a couple. Also hate when we open a mega chest and the balls fly high up and land in unreachable spots in the map.

Worse for slow characters or range attack players.

Or get stuck in terrain… Sigh.