Score is a useless number

So, what’s the point of Score? It is just 2 points per kill plus 1 point per assist. Why even have it when it’s pretty easy to tell what a players Kills/Deaths/Assists are just on the first screen.

I had a game of Capture where I was the lead in capturing objectives but that only shows up if you scroll right a ways. Does that help win a Capture match… capturing points… hmmmm.

Score should either be a weighted average of more columns or just be removed.


Supposedly they are aware of the scoring system. They are looking into ways to accommodate the appropriate scoring system to show the “true mvp” of the match. This is what I’ve heard through rumors but I do not remember where the post is about it.

So, reading the other Score thread, I see score is used primarily for tie-breaking and adding some points in Meltdown. (Maybe Capture also? I dunno…)

So it has a point, but like many things in this game, the point is somewhat obfuscated and takes a bit to suss out. I dunno when off-time research became a requirement for games. :slight_smile:

An MVP column would be nice I guess. Without digging into the score sheet it’s easy for people to assume low killers were useless in a match.

Yeah that, they are updating it to be much more meaningful.