Score needs reworking or removing

Recently I worked out that the Score shown for each player at the end of a game is calculated on Kills and Assists only (it’s 2 x Kills + 1 x Assists). No other values are taken into account for this.

Yesterday I played a game as Oscar Mike. Unusually (and due to the nature of that particular game), I didn’t make any kills or assists (others were doing that) and my main focus was on destroying the opposition’s minions, buildables etc. You can see the results from the match below:

As you can see, my score for the team was zero, which makes it look at initial glance as though I didn’t contribute anything to the team. However if you look at the rest of the stats, you can see that I achieved top score for many of the other things (minions killed, buildables built, turrets built, total damage dealt etc).

I’ve seen this before with other players who have a low or no score and I know full well from the matches that they have contributed to the team in other ways.

I therefore think that “score” either needs to be reworked to include more than just kills & assists, or it should be removed altogether.

Having “score” as it currently stands encourages a focus on kills and assists and it can incur negative feelings from some players towards others who have low or no score (I’ve heard comments from some in-game about this). The game isn’t about getting the most kills or assists, it’s about team work and scoring the most points through escorting minions to the grinders etc. Whilst I appreciate that it could be difficult to rework the score to include other factors to make something meaningful, I think it needs to be done or just remove score altogether.

I hope this is something that the devs will look at and consider.


The score cannot be removed as it’s currently being used to break ties, however I agree with you on everything else.

I spent numerous matches as Kleese, building lots of stuff for my team as soon as it becomes available, protecting our sentry from enemy abusing Marequis by building shield generators around it, healing everyone shields with grenades (and health starting from level 5), helping to push away the invaders when they reach us. And almost all those times my score were around 3. Despite victory, in which I believe I took serious part.

Agree! I think it makes people focus on killing instead of teamwork. I think they shoudl build up score with other things than just kills and assists, since that’s just a minor part of the game.

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As a side question, what is meaning of the value to the left of the player pics? The ones in your photos showing 6 and 7s?

I too wish there was a score update

you know, you can scroll to the right, to see alot of statistics?
How much dmg you take, how much dmg you deal and so on.

I dont give a ■■■■ of Points in this Game.
I watch after game, dmg from me, healInput/output . I can watch how much Cannons i build and so on.
I like the statistic of this game.
IM not sure for what you get points, but in fact it doesnt matter, cause you see all on this statistics, if you want to know something, just scroll to the right.

Really guys, i think you dont know that, end of the screen press right arrow in the top.
You see, Building Stuff, Destroying stuff, Dmg Deal, Dmg taken, Healtaken, Minion Kill’s, Deaths, Kills, Assists, How much healballs you build, how much heal balls you destroy, and so on!

The OP knows you can scroll to the right. He posted screenshots of the entire game. He’s just requesting a summary for more than kill.

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But why you want Points?
You see all, you can think about yourself who was good who was bad.
Miko just heal 10k , but has more points then another guy?

You can be sure, Miko fail in your team.

You play Sniper, and you are not Top DMG?
You play Bad.

You are Boldur, and you dont tank more then double dmg then our teammates?
You die more then other guys, while taking not so much dmg?
You are bad.

And so on, why you need good point system? with this Statistics and little bit brain, you know all .

Ah and OP, if you take a Supportcharakter like Miko instead of your oscar mike, in this round you will win.
Stupid teamsetup by the way. Early Surrender, 38k dmg ? Game runs maybe 5-10 mins max.
And then you come here, and write, ohh rework on pointtable?
Just annoying.

The numbers to the left of the player pics are the helix level you got to within a game.

I don’t think you understand the purpose of my initial post.

I am perfectly aware of all of the data that is presented and that you can scroll to see it (as I did so I could take screenshots to post).

My point is that the first column, “score” is based solely on kills and assists (2 x kills + 1 x assists). It doesn’t take into account how players have performed in any of the (equally important) other things in this team based game. “score” is the metric that some players are using to evaluate how well or not they and their teammates have done. As I said in my first post, some players have been critical and negative towards teammates who have a low or zero score. My suggestion therefore is that “score” needs to be re-worked to include data from the other stats in the game, or it should be removed, as it currently gives people the wrong impression.

His team had an Ambra for healing. Miko and Ambra together might be too much support. Mike is good in case they come up against someone they need to stealth upto.

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I’m sorry but you have no idea what you are talking about here. The team setup was a reasonable one (we already had healing capabilities with Ambra and you don’t have to have a Miko in every game) and of course you don’t know the other team’s composition until the game starts. There was no surrender either, the game lasted for 17 minutes and we lost 253-500.

Frankly I don’t care that we lost, the game was fun. The point of the thread is that character score should better reflect how players have performed, which it currently doesn’t based solely on kills and assists.

oh man Ambra is not like Miko,

Ambra offensiv support, with much less healoutput then Miko.
Thats why Miko is best support in Game!
but this is a other story!

They take Offensive Support with a Halftank(galilea) Galilea is not so tanky like Boldur!
Galilea offensiv tank + Offensiv Support with less heal until lvl 5-6 Games end Min 17, but Ambra was only lvl 6, real healoutput comes with the Talent to transfere HP on lvl 5-6
Doesnt work .

I know what you mean with Score.
But you must know also, that we got 3 Gamemodes, and they cant add Minionkills to the Score.
Also Building to the score is stupid, Cause somebuildings are usefull in this moment, other are just waste and instantly destroyed, cause wrong positioning in this moment.
So one Building was Usefull, another not.
How the system want to know what is usefull in this moment and what not?

So the “score” at the moment is okay for me, aslong we got good statistics to show all other stuff.
And we have this .
For me, and also for player who has a plan from mobagames, has no problem with this issues i think.

So 17 min 38k dmg, you know where the problem is :wink:

Damage of course is all damage caused. This includes taking out turrets, minions etc which was what I was focusing on in the game (it was needed otherwise we’d have lost a lot earlier).

I don’t suggest that I know the answer to how “score” should be changed (as I said in my first post). If it can’t be changed then maybe it should be removed altogether. Sadly some players (as I’ve said already) don’t look at all of the stats and only look at score. They have then been abusive/critical of others in-game (I’ve heard them calling other players “useless” purely based on their low score). I’ve also seen players focusing in the game on killing the opposition rather than on the other tasks of setting up defenses/guiding minions etc and this is likely based on their view of “score”, much to the detriment of the team that then goes on to lose.

Sure it can be removed.
They just use the assist / kill count in their calculations instead of Score since score is derived from those two numbers already.

But that’s just semantics. The real issue is Score should be derived from your actual team play. And that number should be used to break a tie.
How much healing did you do? how many buildings did you build / upgrade, how many kills did you have, how many assists.

Score as it is now is useless and arbitrary.


Does that formula work every game?? Man during the beta every time I thought I had it figured out there would be like 1 or 2 players that it didn’t work for. Can’t believe I overlooked something to simple. (i was always trying to add things, never thought to multiply anything by 2)

I always thought surely the objective column had to be in there somehow

Ambra can be just as good as miko. So when our buddy that plays miko isn’t on, as Ambra I have to focus on being the team’s only healer 90% of the time. Since randoms never pick miko or they do but don’t like to heal people.

So I tried her helix to make her beam heal allies for 30% cost of her own life. It was better… Got closer to miko numbers but not quite. The sunspots offset the damage to her life but it was hard to hit a specific target especially when her beam can hit enemies too.

But last night I unlocked her lvl12 mutation and it’s amazing… I was outhealing the other teams miko every match. You post up on the corner and as long as there’s not too many damaged minions walking by, you can keep a sunspot up literally till someone puts an aoe or gets ballsy and tries to shoot it. I can even use myself as a shield from the ledge cuz the healing offsets enough damage till a teammate can knock them off. Even if they take it down, you put it right back up. You’re healing 4 people like all the time and only have to focus 1 thing with your beam. Its almost not fair… But fun lol.

So as soon as you get lvl12 character rank she can totally be the sole support of a team. Plus it’s only lvl3 of her helix so it’s not hard to get in game.

Don’t get me wrong miko is much better at following people into a fight, but if you have a nice line set up which you pretty much always should. She can place endless support stations in spots that make it really hard for the enemy to hit. Plus you’re constantly healing multiple allies. Couple that with my legendary gear that adds 10% heal power and 4% attack damage to every ally I heal… Then damage the enemy with my 2nd sunspot giving them a 16% debuff. Makes holding the line super easy.

I’ve checked multiple games and the formula score = 2 x kills + 1 x assists works in every case.

Geez… So simple. I feel stupid cuz I thought long and hard many post games trying to piece this formula together lol… Doh

Don’t worry, I didn’t spot it until recently either. :slight_smile:

It’s just funny cuz there was like 3 or 4 times I was like guys! I got it! Then we would find like 1 or 2 players it didn’t work for haha