Scoreboard improvement to focus on objective and stop TDM

Let’s face it - there are many players who refuse to focus on minions on Meltdown, who forget that winning on Incursion is done by killing the sentry and not camping in base, and who roam around the map in Capture instead of standing on points.

I believe one of the reasons is that the scoreboard shows kills/assists/deaths and some obscure score instead of focusing on the objectives.

I’m not alone here, there were other threads that mention this problem. Same about the score being difficult to understand or not taking all variables into account.

Consider this:

  • Make “Objective” the first and foremost column. The meaning behind objective is different across game modes, obviously.
  • Drop the “Score” in its entirety. It completely fails to show how a player contributed to the team. It can still be used for internal calculations (e.g. how much credits a player should be given), but displaying it does more harm than good.
  • Scroll the scoreboard by pages, not by columns. You need to click the arrow about 14 times to get to the other end of the table.
  • Group related stats into readable chunks by keeping them on one page.

I made a Google Sheet showing how it could look like:

(Or, click here to open it in new tab instead of embedding)

What do you think?


I love it. o.ob

Awesome. We need this.

Ultimately you will always have people who just want those player kills and don’t care about objectives.

But with your idea I think you’d get a larger portion of people who will try to win the game through objectives.

It is stupid that the main thing the track and adds to score, has almost nothing to do with the objective of the gamemode.

Yes you want to kill players and get assists, because it helps you score the objective, it isn’t THE objective.

Anyway. Brilliant idea, good post sir.

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This must be one of the most productive and positive Ideas on how to deal with those K/D-fixated players I have seen so far.
(Because they are focused on getting high scores, making the Objective stats stand out like this is actually a quite elegant way to influence their playstyle. It doesn’t force anyone to play ‘by the rules’, but rather encourages it.)

I would definitely like this to be implemented at one of the next larger updates.
(Although the proposed Meltdown stat ‘Minions escorted’ could be hard to track, I guess it’ll come down to points being awarded to the last player escorting minions before sacrificing.)

You might want to add a poll to the original Post (just make it a ‘Yes-No-Don’t care’ decision), just to find out how many people would actually want this. Getting enough people onboard with this might make it a higher priority for the devs.

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This is already being tracked, and presented as “Objective” in Meltdown. Your confusion proves how unreadable the current scoreboard is.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure if adding a poll would influence anything (one could make a poll “give Alani for free” and get 100% yes, 0% no), so I’ll just leave the post as is.

I thought the objection on Meltdown was you killing the enemy Shepherd, not escorting the minions. I imagine the score would be MUCH higher in your case.

In Meltdown there’s a wave every minute or so, with two Shepherds per team. The match duration is 30 minutes, making the maximum possible Shepherd kill value at 60.

I just took a look at my most recent scoreboard and my team’s Objective totals is above 100. This means it cannot be the count of Shepherd kills - especially when there’s a separate Minions column, dedicated to minion kills.

Were there Elite Bots in the mix of your over 100 game? I’m not sure what else the Objective score would count for.

Not 40 of them, that’s for certain.

I’m not sure what you mean, by the way. The objective in Meltdown is escorting the minions, and that is what’s being counted. Note that you have to ESCORT them (be next to them) for this to count toward your own stats (it’s not the same as overall team score at the top of the screen).

I was literally about to revive my old post just got done with another meltdown map where the enemy team just rush are base and literally chase us across the map to kill us

and to the nah sayers they picked aggressive heroes meant to kill other heroes

my hero benedict example especially at lvl 1 can not fight off a phoebe, let alone 3 other brawlers/melee characters chasing me across the map

PLease make a team death match mode for these poeple

you can convert some of the maps just fine into death match already since they already treat it that way -_-

if you like this add this idea to your list