Scorn Flicker follow up (and fire rate too)

So i have made a topic with a question about Flicker and Scorn
and i got that it never was tested so i went and did test it and here are the results:

i did a 100 tries 100 with flicker and 100 without it and here is the point i was staying in for all 200 tries i have not moved my mouse and anything

Without Flicker:
dummy was slagged: 80 times
dummy was not slagged: 20 times

With Flicker (i took 4/5 in it because that is what people usually do also i used the leg.Siren)
dummy was slagged: 85 times
dummy was not slagged: 15 times
also there is the paper with exact numbers:

Now you have to take into consideration the fact that the slag chance is still highly RNG based and doing this more like a 1000 times would bring more accurate representation however i must say that based on this Flicker is completely not worth it…take 4/5 Helios instead and get an actual DPS buff

On the side note thanks to @Prismatic for the idea I also tested if fire rate boost the rate of the “ticks” of Scorn and since Maya does not have any fire rate boosts outside of Wreck that doesn’t work on the test dummy i took the 50% it provided when you have 5/5 in it and applied it in Badass Rank like this:

and here are the results which prove that fire rate does not boost Scorn in any way
this one is without fire rate
and this with
again i have not moved or anything when doing the test and it looks the same.

in conclusion Flicker is bad use Helios…end of story


Wow, nice to see some actual testing on this. Thanks.


Very nice. :+1:


This test is about 3 years overdue. Bookmarked as this topic comes up frequently ( as does the agonizing debate that follows ). Well done!

Edit : summoning @Ronnie_Rayburn. This is something that should interest you.


Great test, but flicker not only boost slag chance, it boost all elemental effect chance. And Scorn slag chance is too high you cannot see the difference flicker gives (its not 100% but 85% is still pretty good).

I will drop flicker if it is proven that it also did not boost elemental effect chance (FIre, corrosion and shock).


Thank you for testing this. I applaud your patience, hopefully you used a relic to quicken scorn cooldown. I’m not sure how the DoT dmg from guns (which I’d assume this still works on) compares to helios dmg.

Admittedly I’m not sure huge fan of the additional visual pollution from helios, but you’ve convinced me to try switching up the point, especially when wearing a fire bone


A purple cloud forms, and Ronnie appears within it
"-Phew! Glad that summoning didn’t happen a few seconds earlier, when I was in the bathroom!"

Glad that someone finally tested Flicker on Scorn. The results speak for themselves. I’ve always had a strong feeling that it was boosted by Flicker, but this test leads me to believe that my opinion was based on bad RNG. Plain and simple!


I did not… :smile:


Well, good job getting enough tests in then. Although I guess you would have had to wait for it to unslag before throwing scorn again so maybe a relic wouldn’t have helped.

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Exactly. Scorns cooldown without the relic is the same as the slag duration so wearing it wouldn’t change anything unfortunately.


Thanks for the research, Itsu. Nice to know. Just got my first Maya to OP1 and may start reshuffling my Skill points.


I would have preferred to see a test with something that without flicker gives 40 to 60 percent chance and then with flicker gave some sort of increase.

But this does seem useful. Perhaps I have over-valued Flicker all these years.

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“What’s that smell? :nauseated_face: Oh, it’s just a really old thread that’s been raised from the grave.”

This test was specifically to see whether Flicker did anything for Scorn (as one might figure out by actually reading the name of this thread), so… No! Using something else would not benefit the test.

“Ronnie carefully puts the thread back in it’s coffin again, and sings a calming lullaby so that no one may ever awaken it again. When he’s confident the thread is sleeping the eternal sleep again, he quickly closes the lid, and nails the coffin shut.”