Scourge the inv Takedown no dedicated loot pool

Helloo, after 3 runs on the new takedown, i got 0 new weapons from the loot pool of Scourge the invincible, anyone luckyer than me? Oh the run was on mayhem 10, not true vault hunter mode!


I am shure you have gotten a Vanquisher 10gallon or the b1tch smg.
Those are the new endgame weapons.

The hard to find and rare overpowered woodblocker and malaks bane also drops from the hardest raid in the game.

I mean NEW weapons, not endgame weapons, or any other weapon, i mean the new legendaries, that comes alongside the new takedown!

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Mwahahaha… Those are new weapons.

Im just taunting ya… The loot issues in this game are stupid. With the layers of rng we have they should always drop a dedicated item.

One of my biggest complaints is lack of satisfavtory loot. I quoted and asked noelle and explained players doing takedown are receiving 0 new legendarys. No response for that. Dont think there will be one.


Yep i agree, thx for the answer man, i cant ask clearer, cuz my english is awful!

Your English is plain and clear.

I definitely understand you.

This is an issue but one i do not believe the devs will address. I haven’t even seen any acknowledgement.

trust me you don’t want the new weapons that came with this new take down either…

they are all so ■■■■■■ lol…

The web tickler for example …

But bro, you can parkour with it! Totally worth a 1 hour raid!!!

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LOL ye i know right… and kill yourself in the middle of doing it too LOL…

Gearbox buffed the web tickler dmg which is hilarious. So if the intended use is to wall jump, well congratulations gearbox just made it so now you can kill yourself even faster now LMAO…

The fun doesn’t end there, Gearbox give the gun a half-ass buff which only increased the damage by just a little bit. Still a useless weapon in combat, but now easier to kill yourself for doing wall jump HAHAHA


Extreme parkour comes with it’s own set of risks my friend. What are you willing to risk for the full wall running, gravity defying thrill of feeling like a boss? What’s a few respawn fees when you can feel like a squirrel? How can they be so humble about their natural gift?

All jokes aside, the gun still sucks though. I would rather use a Shockwave(the purple one).

Getting a m0 version of the web bsis worth it because i can skip doors using the rocket jump. On. The v panels side into the diamond in the middle and parkouring. So its worth getting it atm. Lets u skip alot of bs

Or just get a shock elem and equip Transformer.

I presumed it is Normal TD.
Dedicated drops very low.
TTD is where the loots are.
Rng still can screw you over tho.