Scrap bank bug/flak off bug

I’ll try to keep this one on topic.

Anyway, scrap bank fails to give 3 shots often.
The counter stays at 1 even after using the skill/dying.

Sometimes it’ll say 2… sometimes it’ll say 3 and give you one or two before cool down starts, like it’s finicky for the rate you shoot them at. Sometimes it plainly doesn’t change from 1 until I’m halfway through a match!
And, sometimes it works like a charm.

Flak off doesn’t always knock back. Simple.

Please fix.

FLAK OFF might seem like it doesn’t knock someone back due to toe traps. The character you are trying to knock back gets stuck on geometry that is really hard to notice, like grass or tiny pebbles… Which really shouldn’t happen…

And SCRAP BANK should accumulate the scrap shots, I think, not sure about that.

Makes sense… as long as they get stuck against it for some duration.

For scrap bank… it surely isn’t working as intended. I plainly don’t get 3 shots from it until the skill decides to start working.

It has an obvious skill cooldown, but what it doesn’t tell you is that the three shots charge up over time. You won’t get three shots when the skill cooldown is done, you’ll only get one shot. It effectively has a second cooldown/recharge that it doesn’t tell you about and makes the helix unreliable. You might think or expect you’ve got three, then Rath runs you down and you realise too late that you only had one shot ready and it missed/didn’t hold him off.

I’ll have to test this when I get home.

If it at least generates by shards then too then that’s better.
Needing a timer which isn’t stated is miss communication and just a bad mechanic.

If they are going to make me wait/pick up stuff… they should buff the skill with something.

Also this really doent fix when it says 3 and I only get 2 shots before I’m out.

Yep… they come in over time… about the time of a cool down. And they will recharge back to 3 even if you use 1 or two.

Picking things up doesn’t effect it.

I feel like this info should be provided in the helix.

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