Scrap Cannon - This is not the Shotgun you're looking for

So I have really been putting time into Whiskey, like really really putting time, and while I still think he is currently the worse character in the game my love for his idea has not stopped me from playing him. Which brings this thread and one of his abilities into highlight, Scrap Cannon

Now when I first started this game I thought this ability was useless and was only good when you had Flak off helix equipped. Well with more testing and putting myself in scenario of having to rely on flak cannon (basically just running out of ammo) using Flak cannon of found out that this ability only less sucks, and in some cases can actually be pretty useful.

Now when you look at it you think under barrel shotgun, but truthfully this ability is nothing like an under barrel shotgun. It is what it is, just shooting a bunch of junk at someone hoping it hits something. Now while the idea of shotguns in video games is to have more damage dealt to an opponent the closer you are this ability doesn’t really share that idea. If you think you will do alot of damage with this ability close range than THINK AGAIN! If you’ve ever played an RPG you could think of it’s idea like a quick AoE poison attack, where you’re almost guaranteed to get some sort of damage. Since it is a skill it’s drop off rate for damage isn’t effected much (if any, but I didn’t get to test this portion) your damage per hit of the flak will stay pretty consistent. So with that being said it actually can be used at much greater ranges than expected (Up to mid long without the helix for a tighter spread and longer range).

I have noticed that Flak Cannon shines the most in mid range situations as opposed to close, being able to fire a scrap cannon into a wave of minions coming at you is where I’ve seen it do the most. I’ve gotten a single scrap blast to do almost 600 damage on a wave of minions, being able to effectvely hit each one and get a few crits. A full trigger pull with a all crits cannot pull off this type of damage. I’ve also noticed that Firing flak into stationary targets into rifle bursts will take them out sooner than later. So if you are using Scrap Bank (I highly recommend this over Swiss Cheese) you can take out Turrets extremely fast.

Scrap Cannon is also effected by attack speed, making it easier to land scrap bursts the faster your attack speed is.

Scrap cannon combined with Scrap Bank can make for some really nice burst damage. Firing Scrap Cannon in between rifle bursts can optimize your damage on opponents moving and on stationary or retreating targets scrap cannon could be those few points of damage you need to get the KO in between reloads.

Tl;dr Scrap Cannon can be good in situations but not like your typical shotgun. The damage drop off doesn’t scale down like typical shotguns in video games and can make for a good burst damage inbetween reloads. Whiskey still kinda sucks, but these are ways you can make his suckyness not suck as bad.

WF doesn’t suck, he just comes with a larger learning curve than his difficulty tag suggests. When handled right he is a powerhouse.

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Just did this damage last night so i know he can contend, but the team has to be extremely on point and he has to level fast. Even with these numbers i know he is one of the worse characters in the game right now.