Scrap Cannon - Where the hell do you aim?

I feel like this skill has the wonkiest targeting ever. How do you aim this thing? I think the most success I get is aiming WAY higher than what I’m shooting at which just feels…wrong.


I usually aim center mass, but it’s not a long range attack even with the ranged helix upgrade. I can rarely hit my enemy if they’re beyond just shy of medium range.

Lol I can’t seem to hit anyone with that thing. Usually just whizzes past them as the spread just feels weird. Also the damage seems lackluster to me I feel like it should do a lot more damage than it does.

I primarily use it for the pushback effect.

Me to it’s essentially an underbarrel shotgun so use shotgun techniques for the scrap cannon

I feel like we need a QoL update to give an aiming reticle for the scrap cannon.

Though, to answer your question:
The cannon is under the barrel and whiskey does a weird animation… also the damned thing arcs a little. I’d say that USUALLY, if you aim your gun at their head and fire the scrap cannon, you’ll hit them in the chest.

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Am I correct in saying the base attack damage with the rifle does more damage than the shotgun itself?

Yes it does. The cannon is more for utility and not damage.


Does that not feel counterintuitive? I mean it’s an underbarrel shotgun. Should it not blow a hole in someone with a well placed shot at close range? Shotguns in most games tend to be high burst damage high risk weapons. Just my opinion I guess.

It’s not technically a shotgun it just behaves as one. It launches scrap/junk. So less focus on lethality more on utility and using what’s available

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Ah ok I think. Still I don’t see much use for it in pvp outside of the knockback. Maybe if it caused bleeding or something…

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Yea I also see it as more a pve skill only used for escapes in pvp

It can be upgraded to damage shields and show invisible players, but I primarily play PVE and use the knockback upgrade to get enemies out of my face and over the edge sometimes. :dukewhistle:

I find it will shoot off higher than I want, so I generally aim lower than my target. The scrap will either hit where I want or bounce up off the ground and spread, hitting multiple targets. Aiming at the ground just in front of those little minion bot waves absolutely shreds them too, as the bounce up effect is almost guaranteed to hit several criticals. I play WF with the acog sniper build with the tight spread/long distance scrap cannon helix fyi so don’t expect decent results shooting at the ground at point blank range :sweat_smile:

It arcs like a grenade, starts off forward then drops off that said it’s an underbarrel so it starts at an initially lower position than where you were aiming. You can think of it as a shotgun if you want and then aim at your enemy as long as they’re close or you can learn the trajectory and it has surprising range when fired as if it were a grenade fired in an arc.

You have to lead your target because it’s a projectile and has a delay for some arbitrary reason.

Swiss Cheese. An additional 15% damage on an already high damage rifle and a middle finger to every cheeky Oscar Mike out there.

4 seconds on it just isn’t enough, though. That’s 2-3 rifle bursts, at most. You know what would do more damage than that? 2 extra scrap rounds.

Move Scrap Bank up to where Flak Off is put Flak Off against Flak Back, move Swiss Cheese Down and allow it to stack upto the 3 times and extend the duration to 5 seconds. Also Whiskey fires 6.5 shots per second it’s a maximum of 26 bullets almost a full mag for 4 seconds.

Not if you use your ult beforehand.