Scrap trap post-patch

Has anyone noticed targets walking all over traps without getting stunned/snared since the patch? I thought it might just be a Pendles thing, or something with CC gear, but it’s happening a decent amount since the patch and I’m wondering if a bug was introduced.

Anyone else noticed this?

Haven’t noticed anything so far. There have been occasional moments when I hook someone and then end up flying past the trap and avoiding the stun altogether. Aside from that though, nothing out of the ordinary.

What platform do you play? that may have an impact on it.

Just PC.

Yeah, it’s more that the trap is placed and set for a while. Then when someone is pulled into it they look like they’re dancing back and forth on top of the trap but it doesn’t catch.

Not every time, but enough times…

I play PC too, haven’t seen anything like that so far. Might want to take a couple screenshots if it continues to be a problem.

Might be ping issues and detection issues.
Check your ping and get a picture if possible.

I play on PS4 and have experienced this one or two times before the patch. I would set a trap down and a Thorn would just run around on top of the trap without being stunned. I had checked if she had any gear and she did not, so I’m pretty sure this is a bug. However, I have not had it happen for awhile, so it could be a rare occurrence.

I find it happening with Reyna a lot. If there’s anything nearby, she won’t get stunned for whatever reaso and gets suspended in air before running away.