Scrapped or yet to come?
I’m at a loss

Scrapped, probably. The one with the fireball in it’s hand is actually one of the concepts for Orendi.

Wow she looked different. Shockingly regal. I feel like they split that concept up into Orendi and Ambra

Hopefully in a DLC. It looks awesome. But almost definitely scrapped

Would be nice if she became a character of her own in the future. A flame spewing sorceress.

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Isn’t that what Orendi is? Hellfire counts as flames I’m sure

Excitement lead to disappointment pretty fast

I believe that witch was orendi and the lizard was scrapped

yeah but would be nice, the concept art looks like a totally unique character and maybe if they added a flame thrower ability, flame minion that explode and a volcanic type of ultimate she can become a whole new character.

then again that old concept looks similar to may from Guilty Gearimage