Scraptrap deployed, stun removed

The stun on Ghalts scraptraps has been removed. Does anyone else not like it? Because without it, it becomes the same as Toby’s mine, but with a smaller explosion radius. Enemies can move away from it easily and Dodge the whole explosion, which renders the whole skill pointless.
Idk. It just took away from a way to play him for me. Now he is a full on attacker instead of an attacker or stealthy disruptor.


This thread will likely be closed or merged because of the various other topics that already exist talking about the same thing.

I feel like your opinions may be better expressed in one of these threads.

They just reduced it’s cooldown and such by a decent amount, where I think he’s fine. Still highest DPS, best pull in the game, great health, decent slow, etc etc

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No problem. Sorry to cause an inconvenience, but I couldn’t find a similar
thread “basing off of thread titles”.

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Ahh just search keywords like trap and galt :slight_smile: it happens to the best of us. And the laziest! :wink:

Oh it’s np, and I don’t mind :smile_cat: