Scraptrap prime isn’t dropping lucky 7

I have been farming him on M10 while farming loot ghosts and I’ve killed him 3 times so far and he isn’t dropping the lucky 7 at all.

Did they change the drop chance for it?
Wanted to make sure he isn’t bugged.

Scraptrap has two dedicated drops, Lucky 7 and Boomer. 100% drop rate per loot pool, that means he will drop one of these every kill. Which one is random (both have 50%), you can end up with 10 Boomers in a row etc.

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Thanks. I guess I forgot the boomer. He dropped a few after I posted. Nothing good yet. Will try more tomorrow.

Again, thank you for the quick response.

I think Jackbot drops the Lucky 7 as often or more than Scraptrap.

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