Scraptrap Prime Weakness?

Without trying to sound like yet-another-nerf-this-guy thread… when I’m on the Scraptrap Prime fight, I’m basically kiting this guy shooting him with corrosive (and whatever else I can think of) for a really, really long time to kill him. Is his health way out of proportion? Does he have some weakness that I’m missing? I have relatively developed builds… not sure what I’m missing on this fight. I’m able to kill him, just if I want to farm up a decent Boomer or something I probably just wouldn’t.

I find him really easy, I use recursion when it’s mobs of the little guys then Maggie or lucky 7 depending on which character I’m using in big stage.

I killed him very quick with a Corrosive Cutsman on Zane first time through. Second time through 1-hit him with ION Cannon on Moze. That’s all I’ve fought him but it didn’t seem disproportionate from anything else.

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Wouldn’t mind a few more details on what your using and what mayhem, corrosive is a good way to go but not a necessaty. On my Zane I use a corrosive scourge most times but also used cutsman as well…

I’ve been through the DLC on three classes, M4 always on. I think the fastest I downed him was the siren driver corrosive crossroads. The most recent one I did was Moze, which is my weakest class, which may be why it’s standing out in my mind as taking forever… but I think Zane took a while too. I use a cryo Zane.

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If I had my old ccc Zane M4 bosses were a pain but with the seein dead mod and a respec into more fire rate and kill skills it’s a bit easier but still takes a bit. And as far as Moze goes I only have a level 15 so I can’t speak much on that aspect. If you have a corrosive cutsman I’d Definitely give that a whirl. As long as you have the right range it’s pretty good for ol’ scrap…

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Just finished my third playthrough last night, I have ran Amara Zane and Fl4k all with the brainstormer for 1st stage then the ion cannon on boss, hasn’t failed me yet

It’s his face (eye). You gotta shoot him in the face. Not the arm, not the wheel, not the back. You. Must. SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE! :smiley:


lol… yeah. The big red “critical” words were kind of a giveaway. :crazy_face:

I have only fought him once on Amara (TVHM M4). It wasn’t terribly hard but yeah…it did take me a while. Once I killed all the small guys my AS didn’t seem very effective against the big guy. It was mostly just kiting around that center thing to avoid his attack and hitting him with a corrosive Moar Linoge.

I think it’s a bit tankier than a lot of the bosses in the DLC, I used a corrosive faisor with 100% dmg increase on RA targets which was pretty good at wiping out armored enemies, but Scraptrap and the Jackbot were exceptions.

It’ll go down pretty fast to the Cutsman but it’s weird you have to bring that kind of DPS to a claptrap swarm…but maybe that’s part of the joke.

I’ll probably try a cutsman (haven’t used one in a while) or the ion cannon now that I have a couple. It’s a shame that you have to pick from a handful of weapons to get good results, but I guess that’s the world of Borderlands.