Scratching My Head on Forum Rules

UPDATE: I’ve been in communication with both mods, who have been very helpful on this! Definitely check out the Forum Rules on Posting, and researching before Posting. This Rule is very helpful to keeping the forums clean and efficient, but isn’t meant to discourage conversation (which both mods have been enthusiastically clear about), so make sure to talk about how you’ve best tried to follow this rule if you’re Posting a new Thread on a topic after your research and why! And as always, the mods are here to help! =)

For Historical Purposes, the original Post is below:

So I’ve noticed quite a conundrum emerge on these forums, which I think has best been highlighted recently by two F2P threads in particular. Let me provide two examples:

The first is a Thread that was closed by @Ganjamira for being a necro -

So, this toopic just got a necro for the second and I think there are enough F2P-topics in this forum to continue the discussion if needed.
Just please, check the last posts date before replying - if it´s weeks old consider opening a new topic or use the searchfuction to check on recent related topics to continue the discussion in.

The second Thread was closed by @Psychichazard after @mementomorikonra created it just 2 days ago -

Please use the search function to check whether threads already exist concerning a topic.

Mementomorikonra may have joined the forums in March 2016, but they’ve only ever posted twice to these forums, both in the last 2 days, meaning they’re a brand new member for all sense and purposes. And they posted, for their second time, in the necro’d thread after theirs was closed, only to see it closed as well. They also seemed pretty darned frustrated, but that’s for them to work out.

Anyhow, both threads were closed in the past day or so and this left me thinking, is there possibly a way to bring up a topic like F2P at this point?

Because there are a number of threads on it already, and so if you do post a new thread you risk running afoul of the search first and join that thread rule. But after a brief search of all of the existing threads on the topic of “F2P” or “Free to Play” are months old, meaning if you post in them you run afoul of the no necro-ing a thread rule.

It’s a regular Catch-22.

F2P isn’t the only topic I’ve seen recently fall in to this No Man’s Land area on these forums, but the two almost back-to-back thread closings in the past day are a great way to highlight this head scratcher.

So is it just that new players couldn’t possibly contribute anything new to a conversation on F2P(It can feel that way, which is no good)? Or is it that if they missed these conversations they don’t deserve a chance for their voice to be heard(It can feel this way as well, which is even worse)? Or is it that topics like F2P are just not welcome on the forums and this is just a clever way to suppress them (Highly doubtful)? Or has this just been an unintended side effect of two well meaning forum rules interacting in an unexpected way, leaving players without a way to discuss topics they still obviously care about(Most likely the case)?

I’m genuinely curious as to what’s going on here, and what the intent is. I know those who’ve been granted a purple halo work hard to keep the forums civil, useful, and a good place to meet. But even the best of us can become trapped in a system that has unintentional consequences, or even make mistakes ourselves.

So where do we go from here?


It looks like we may have been acting at cross-purposes. We’ll have a chat back here and see what happens.

In future, however, pm one of us, rather than post a thread, thanks.