Scream Sickle class mod with +6 silence the voices?

I have a level 56 Krieg, and have seen on the wiki that a Sickle class mod can have up to +6 silence the voices. If I were to find such a Sickle, I would have the class mod that I would use for the rest of the time on this character probably. I assume that it would have to be a Scream Sickle, but I’m not sure if it would be blue or purple… or if a purple version even exists. What do you think is the best way to farm for a Sickle with +6 silence the voices?
farm tinder snowman chests?
farming pyro pete?
fast traveling to every location that has a health vendor next to it over and over?
something else?
or just stick with my current rage sickle that has +37% melee, +6 empty the rage and +5 silence the voices? (until I find a better one with +5 silence the voices, or maybe a legendary sickle)

You shouldn’t really farm anything for a world drop. Just check vending machines, kill everything that moves, and eventually you will find a Scream Sickle.

Yes. The train chests have a lot of coms in them.

If you’re on PC/Steam I think I have kept a blue Scream Sickle that I could give you :blush: !

EDIT : just checked my bank, I have one I can give you if you’re on PC/Steam, it is lvl 67 / +6 StV / +5 EtR / +42% melee dmg.

The legendary sickle would still be better for a melee build though. It’s brilliant.

I actually have one in my bags that I got off the loot midgets at the preservation. It’s blue quality, lvl 62, and has 44% melee, +6 to StV, and +5 to Empty the Rage. I’m on PS4

xbox one

you sure? i kinda doubt it. would all the bonuses on it add up to giving you more than +550% melee damage? (would the rest of the things on it make up for a 50% loss when not having a +6 silence the voices)?

Awwww ok !

Well hopefully you’ll find someone on XBox1 that can give you one anyway :blush: !

Yes it would. Those 50% Arent a Big deal.

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Yes I am sure. Unless you are doing something very specific with your melee damage build (like trying to kneepoke Hyperious to death with a Rapier for example), the Legendary Sickle will be the better choice for melee Krieg.

Comparing them, the pros of both a max stats 72 blue Scream Sickle and the Legendary Sickle are:

##Scream Sickle (+6 StV / +5 EtR ):

  • +1 more point in Silence the Voices: +50 % additional melee bonus from StV which however is far less than 50 % in the end because of the way melee damage is calculated.

The formula for melee damage in Buzz Axe Rampage is in fact

((Base * 5 * (1 + Kriegs Bonus per level)) + Roid) * (1 + Sum of Melee Bonuses)

which means an additional +50% in the Sum of Melee Bonuses doesn’t change all that much.

For example, at level 72 during Release the Beast, without a roid shield, and with 5/5 in Empty the Rage and shields down, 5/5 in Salt the Wound with say 10 stacks, the formula (if I did the math right) would be:

((132.641,04 base damage * 5 for BAR * (1 + 95,2% for Krieg’s inherent bonus at level 72) * (1 +20% +50 % from Empty the Rage, +75 % from 10 Salt the Wound stacks, +100 % from Release the Beast, +550 % from Silence the Voices) = 11.586 k damage per swing with the Scream Sickle


((132.641,04 base damage * 5 for BAR * (1 + 95,2 for Krieg’s inherent bonus at level 72) * (1 +20% +50 % from Empty the Rage, +75 % from 10 Salt the Wound stacks, +100 % from Release the Beast, +500 % from Silence the Voices) = 10.939 k damage per swing with the Legendary Sickle, so only roughly -5 % less

As opposed to that you have:

##Legendary Sickle (+5 FtB / + 5 ToB /+5 StV / +5 EtR / +5 PiP)

  • +3 % more melee damage from class mod bonus possible: the Leg Sickle can go as high as 52 % at lvl 72 and 56 % at OP8, Scream Sickle is 49 % or 53 % max respectively

  • +5 points in Fuel the Blood: that’s twice as big of a bonus compared to what you can get with the blue Scream Sickle, a full 1 % of grenade damage more per Bloodlust stack, or 100 % more at 100 stacks; also gives +10 BL stacks for every melee kill more
    NOTE: FtB is one of Krieg’s best offensive skills and has great synergies with so many skills and gear; it increases the Buzz Axe Bombardier damage so much that a thrown axe will do more damage than a melee axe as long as it’s active (which means insane damage on these thrown axes), has great synergies with Blood Bath, buffs your Bloosplosion (both directly by increasing the damage and indirectly by giving you great amounts of Bloodlust stacks for melee kills), and buffs your grenades, bonus explosive damage guns and explosive novas too

  • +5 in Taste of Blood: that’s additional +0,25 % damage reduction during your action skill per Bloodlust stack at 10/5 (so 0,75 % per stack instead of 0,5 % per stack, or 75 % at 100 stacks instead of 50 %); also additional +15 BL stacks per melee kill compared to the 5/5 you can reach with a Scream Sickle;
    This is especially useful for all the situations when it’s a life and death thing between getting that kill in Buzz Axe Rampage or having it expire to be able to reactivate Release the beast again before you take too much damage and die; especially great for tougher opponents / bosses and situations where there aren’t too many enemies around you can get a quick kill off

  • +5 in Pain is Power: or +25 % melee and weapon damage (except snipers), for -25% critical damage, and another +50 % increased effects while on fire;
    ok this one is debatable for a pure melee build, especially since it’s a tier 2 skill in Hellborn where the tier 1 skills really don’t benefit you all that much for pure melee, but I personally find it nice to have, in between RtB cycles or for hybrid builds especially

So yes, the trade off with that one less point in StV for only slightly less melee damage is more than worth it imo. Yes StV is a great skill and you want to have as many points in it as possible, but for 1 point less in it I’d take the additional +5 in Fuel the Blood over it any day because FtB is such an awesome skill, and everything else is just and added bonus for me.
If I didn’t have a Legendary Sickle and didn’t care farming for one I’d probably use a purple Scream Sickle instead of the blue one too, with +5 in StV, +4 in EtR and +4 in FtB.

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actually just found one lvl 52 farming snowman chests with my siren in beginning of UVHM (before even doing liars berg) with +6 STV and +5 ETR