Screen flicker!

Anyone else experiencing this? happened to me last night during a match, I killed El Dragon and right after started getting his character clipping into my screen, thought it might have been the matchbut when i went to the command screen to check my characters stats the whole thing as i scrolled down started vomiting on itself, the character models didn’t seem affected but the background at certain point of scrolling was a mess, This is on Xbox one.

I’ve had this happen a few times now, and it’s gotten pretty crazy (also on XB1). I’ve taken video of it but I’m not sure how to pull that video and share it elsewhere.

For me, it usually ends up being just a chaotic mess of triangular colors all over my screen.

Do you get it constantly or for certain periods of time? it’s annoying as I thought it had gone away but it returns in burst.

It comes and goes, but I’ve particularly seen it when playing Incursion on Overgrowth. Sometimes when it’s really going, it covers a good portion of the screen and I have to wait for it to stop. This is the only game this has happened on too.

Damn. I hope it doesn’t continue. I toned done the effects since I play split screen so I know it’s not that. do you remember when yours started?

Quite awhile ago. But it comes and goes. It didn’t happen for a few months (of course, I took a break from playing during that time) but it popped up again the other day, also in Incursion: Overgrowth.

I’m just trying to figure out exactly what triggered it, mine as I stated above was when i killed el dagon when he was doing his cannon ball splash at me, his death animation was the flicker that started it.

I’ve had it happen once since the Winter Update. I don’t know what started it, but ultimately it caused Battleborn to crash. Also on XBox One. I did a full shutdown (hold down power button for 10 seconds) and then restart of my XBox one to get it to go away.

Restart though the settings menu?